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Turkey as a holiday destination continues to be a popular and cheap location for UK tourists but, year on year, Simpson Millar LLP’s specialist Travel Law Team have seen an increase in the number of salmonella food poisoning incidents occurring at Turkish resorts.

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Summer 2012 will inevitably see the trend of British holiday makers flocking to Turkish hotels, and tour operators such as First Choice, Thomson, First Choice and Cosmos claim the number of tourist visiting Turkey will exceed 32 million.

Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors saw a dramatic rise in the number of salmonella holiday illness claims last year with Turkey second only to Egypt in the number of compensation claims successfully pursued by its specialist travel lawyers.

Salmonella food poisoning was the most problematic hygiene concern for hotels in Turkey as the bacterial infection spoilt many holidays, leaving many looking for advice on how to make a claim for compensation.

Salmonella Food Poisoning & All Inclusive Turkey Hotel Claims

Most successful holiday claims were made by holiday makers returning ill from all inclusive hotel in Turkey with Salmonellosis. The illness is caused by the consumption of food contaminated with the salmonella illness bug, the infection being prevalent on raw or undercooked chicken and eggs.

The tour company, First Choice, however has no reservations about offering an all-inclusive only programme, despite the increase in the likely number of salmonella compensation claims received as it continues to increase its market share from rivals Thomas Cook.

Simpson Millar LLP offers a specialist claims service for those travellers returning ill from hotels in Turkey, and it carefully watches for illness outbreak at hotels abroad.

Compensation Claim for Salmonella Food Poisoning in Turkey

Simpson Millar LLP have been pursuing compensation claims successfully against UK tour operators First Choice, Thomson and Thomas Cook for years and we take on most holiday illness claims on a "No win No fee" basis. If you have suffered from stomach cramps – diarrhoea – fever and headaches etc, due to salmonella food poisoning experienced whilst in Turkey then you may be able to claim compensation from your tour operator.

Case Example

Compensation for child with Salmonella

Simpson Millar LLP recently won compensation amounting to £3,250 for a child returning from the Royal Wings Hotel in Turkey with the tour operator, Thomas Cook. Salmonella was identified in the stool of the holiday maker who suffered from the illness for several weeks. Despite Thomas Cook’s best endeavours to protract matters and avoid liability settlement was finally agreed.

Salmonella is generally a short lived illness but it can be serious particularly amongst young children and the old. We urge Thomas Cook to do more to protect holiday makers from illness and settle claims expediently when mistakes are made by hoteliers abroad.

Specialist Salmonella in Turkey Holiday Claims Team

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