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Tunisia welcomes lots of holiday makers due to its natural beauty of colours, spices and scents. There are many attractions including spirited festivals, ancient towns and not to forget the hospitable nature of its people. However, on some occasions not everyone has a enjoyable holiday.

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Can I Claim?

Holidays are the time when you are supposed to relax, chill out and enjoy yourself - so when your holiday is ruined due to someone else's negligence it can be slightly comforting to know that you could be entitled to compensation. The Law in England and Wales means that under the Package Travel Regulations 1992 you can make a claim against the tour operator. Check out our guide to holiday compensation.

Ill or Sick in Tunisia?

Examples of just some of the different sorts of illnesses that can occur in Tunisia:

Case Example

Salmonella on Holiday in Tunisia

Our client aged 5 was on holiday at an all-inclusive hotel in Tunisia with her mother when she became violently ill with sickness and diarrhoea. On her return to the UK she was diagnosed as having Salmonella food poisoning. We are now vigorously pursuing a holiday compensation claim against the tour operator. Salmonella food poisoning can be avoided if food is cooked thoroughly.

Check out our "Hotel-Watch" feature so you know which hotels currently have illness outbreaks.

Accidents in Tunisia

Examples of different kinds of accidents that can occur whilst on holiday:

  • Slipping down steps or on stairs that are uneven or have slippery surfaces
  • Slips in cafes, restaurants and other eating establishments
  • Slipping or tripping over faulty floor tiles
  • Road accidents whilst on holiday

If you have been ill abroad and it was not your fault our Team can help you. We have set out underneath popular holiday resorts located in Tunisia:

  • Hammamet
  • Mahdia
  • Port El Kantaoui
  • Skanes
  • Sousse
  • Tunis
  • Yasmine Hammamet

Holiday Compensation Enquiry

Whether it be an accident or illness during you holiday in Tunisia call our Holiday Claims Team on Freephone: 0808 145 1353 or if you prefer you can submit an online enquiry and we will get in touch with you.

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