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Simpson Millar LLP's Holiday Claims Team are offering a service for people who are in dispute with or want to pursue a complaint about a Thomson Holiday due to an illness suffered from food poisoning or an accident sustained abroad at a Thomson hotel.

The Thomson Holidays Complaint Service

  • Free legal advice for people with a complaint against Thomson
  • No win no fee complaint and dispute service available for personal injury accident and illness complaints
  • Free help and advice on what you can do and say and things to avoid doing and saying

Call 0808 145 1353 for Free Advice if you have fallen ill or been hurt during a Thomson Holiday and want to make a Complaint against them

Making a Thomson Holiday Complaint - Points to consider first

  • Anything you say to Thomson could be used against you as a reason to reject your complaint, however innocently you said it
  • Following your holiday, if you receive a telephone call from someone saying they are calling from a Welfare Department at Thomson - Beware
  • Discover how much your claim is worth before you make your complaint as Thomson may try to "buy off" your claim and settle your compensation for a lower amount
  • Don't complete any forms about your accident or illness before seeking legal advice as completing the forms without knowing the implications may irreparably damage your claim
  • Before you contact Thomson, list each and every complaint about the holiday you have
  • record all the details of how your complaint is handled by Thomson

Have you suffered from illness or been the victim of a sickness bug outbreak at your Thomson hotel? Have you sustained an injury on holiday from an accident that was someone else’s fault? We recommend you get legal advice before contacting Thomson.

Find out for free whether your Thomson complaint has any chance of success. We will give you an indication as to the amount of compensation you should be asking Thomson for when you make your complaint.

Legal Regulations during a Thomson Holiday

  • The Package Travel Regulations 1992 require that Tour Operators are responsible for all aspects of your package holiday including ensuring that your holiday hotel is reasonably safe and that the food served in the hotel restaurant is safe to eat.
  • If you have had an accident and suffered injury during your holiday then we highly recommend you seek free legal advice before speaking to Thomson
  • Don’t accept any offer of compensation from Thomson straight away without first speaking to a solicitor and obtaining legal advice
  • It is important to have clear in your mind what evidence you need to be successful with your claim and how much compensation your injury would really be worth and not what Thomson will try and tell you it’s worth.

Illness Complaints

Holiday Food Poisoning will not only ruin your holiday but could also continue to affect you once you are back home in the UK. The effects of bugs like Salmonella; Campylobacter; E.coli; Giardia and Shigella can have life-long impact with devastating and debilitating consequences.

Seek medical help and advice immediately by visiting your GP. For the majority of people affected by food poisoning an illness on holiday is a very distressing but short-lived experience. However, other holiday makers’ experiences are more permanent with lasting conditions such as irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Are you aware that food poisoning is classed as a personal injury and that compensation awards you are entitled to could amount to several thousand pounds?

Thomson Complaints

Got a complaint with Thomson Holidays or are you already struggling with a complaint against them?

You need free and impartial advice and help from Thomson Holiday complaints experts to find out how to get properly compensated by Thomson for your holiday accident or illness.

How to do it

Contact Thomson’ Complaints Department directly by calling 0203 451 2699 or write to them at their postal address or use their online enquiry form they have on their complaints page on the website.

Alternatively, contact us and let us have the details of your complaint and dispute and we can help and advise you. Simply complete the online form on this page and we will respond to you.

Thomson complaints policy is to acknowledge any written complaint within 14 days and then aim to provide a full response to the complaint within a period of 28 days. These timescales are set by ABTA in their Code of Conduct.

Evidence, Evidence, Evidence - What do you have?

Evidence is the crucial factor in any successful claim. Your chances of successfully obtaining compensation from Thomson Holidays for your holiday complaint increase if the evidence you have is so good that Thomson are unable deny the problem exists.

Evidence that would be useful may include:

  • Photographs and Film recordings
  • Completed Accident or Illness Complaint Forms
  • Contact details of other holiday makers and witnesses who can support your accident or illness complaint
  • Medical Records and Reports for any treatment you have received
  • Receipts for any expenses incurred due to your accident or illness

If you don’t have any evidence then Thomson will simply say that you are unable to prove your complaint.

We can still help you even if you don’t have any evidence from your holiday. If you have been ill during a holiday or have suffered an injury that wasn’t your fault then contact Simpson Millar LLP for free advice and help.

Start a No Win No Fee claim today

The message is clear - Complain! - If your Thomson Holiday was a disaster and ruined by illness, holiday food poisoning or an accident and you suffered sickness or an injury, contact our Travel Law Team today and they will be able to provide helpful advice and assistance to you.

Call 0808 145 1353 or send us an email using the enquiry form with the details of your Thomson Holiday complaint and we will respond to you with there being no obligation on you to follow the advice we give you.

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