Holiday Swimming Pool Accident Claims

Hotel Swimming Pool Dangers

The hotel swimming pool is one of the most inviting aspects of holiday accommodation – but every year children and adults suffer injuries and accidents abroad.

Hotel swimming pools can be badly maintained, resulting in minor and serious accidents and injuries which have in some severe cases left holidaymakers tetraplegic or paraplegic.

Simpson Millar’s holiday accident lawyers are also finding swimming pools with unusual designs are contributing to a rise in swimming pool accidents on holiday, especially diving accidents.

Swimming Pool at hotel

Swimming Pool Hazards

  • Broken Tiles
  • Defective Pool Drainage and Filtration Systems
  • Unclear Pool Depths

Package Holiday Legal Rights and Regulations

The tour operator of your package holiday is responsible for making sure swimming pools and surrounding areas are safe and well maintained, with adequate life-saving equipment.

If holidaymakers are injured in the swimming pool or while walking round it through no fault of their own, they are protected under the Package Travel Regulations 1992. Our team offer no win no fee terms for our holiday accident claims and are on hand to help you claim compensation for your injuries.

If you have suffered an accident on holiday you could be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries. Call our Hotline now to receive FREE advice on how our experts could help you on 0808 145 1353 or complete our online enquiry form and we will get back to you.

Tips for enjoying the hotel swimming pool safely

  • Many hotels abroad do not employ lifeguards – and pool attendants may be busy elsewhere – so it is important also to keep an eye on young children at all times.
  • This is especially important when you first arrive at your holiday destination – you may be tired and stressed from the journey and children may be over-excited.
  • Most children who drown in hotel swimming pool accidents do so within one day of arriving at their holiday destination – keep your children safe at all times near the hotel swimming pool.
  • Check the water’s depth before jumping or diving into the swimming pool – never dive into water less than 1.5m deep
  • Don’t attempt to swim after a meal – and never swim after drinking alcohol or after taking prescription or recreational drugs
  • Don’t engage in unruly behaviour – swimming pools are dangerous places because of the slippery surfaces, so observe pool rules and information displayed
  • Don’t use the pool after dark or during the hours when it is closed
  • Find out where the deep and shallow parts of the pool are – swimming pool depths abroad vary and can be deceiving
  • Make sure you know what to do in an emergency and how to get help – some pools have lifebelts on the side of the pool which are accessible to swimmers
  • Never jump or dive standing on poolside furniture or raised features of the pool – furniture can topple over and you may hit the deck, causing serious injury, loss of teeth or even a fatal head injury
  • Never run around poolside – this area can be very slippery
  • Supervise young children at all times.

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