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Hypnotic holidays to Morocco and Kenya are a travellers’ dream. Africa offers a spell binding mixture of soft golden beaches – snake charmers - drums - belly dancers – safaris – wild animals and stunning landscapes.

However, when sickness bites, holiday makers often look for help in making a holiday illness claim against their tour operator for their ruined holiday in Morocco and Kenya.

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Simpson Millar LLP’s Holiday Illness Compensation Specialists often deal with difficult holiday claims involving food poisoning and waterborne disease caused by Salmonella – or E-ColiCampylobacter - Shigella and Cryptosporidium in Morocco and Kenya.

Claim Compensation for your Illness

If you become ill on holiday in Africa eg Kenya or Morocco and are infected by a food borne illness you could suffer anything from a mild infection to a serious and debilitating sickness with long term complications.

Our team of professional lawyers offer a simple customer friendly service - free of legal jargon. We pursue both accident and illness claims against all the main tour operators on a 'no win – no fee – no risk' basis. When we successfully recover holiday compensation on your behalf you will receive 100% of the sum you instruct us to accept.

If your holiday tour operator has let you down badly and the hygiene standards at your hotel were inadequate, we can recover the compensation that you deserve.

Case Example

Man suffers salmonella food poisoning at hotel

£2,800 holiday illness compensation awarded to Mr K of Exeter who contracted Salmonella food poisoning. Mr K became ill during a holiday at the Voyager Hotel in the Resort of Nyali Beach. First Choice settled the claim out of court. Mr K said about Simpson Millar LLP: 'The service I received was very professional and committed. I was always kept informed with honest possible outcomes'

Get Medical Advice

If you suffer illness insist on speaking to an independent doctor to avoid the risk of long term medical problems. Do not rely on your Tour Representatives unqualified diagnosis that your holiday illness was due to – coconut oil – excess alcohol - over indulgence - an airborne virus - dehydration – or a change in climate.

Holiday makers continue to return from these destinations having bacterial infections, due to parasites and other germs identified through laboratory tests on blood or stool samples.

Check out our "Hotel-Watch" feature so you know which hotels currently have illness outbreaks.

Please visit our dedicated Egyptian or Tunisian web pages for further information on these 2 other African destinations.

British tour operators travelling to African destinations include:

  • First Choice
  • Thomas Cook
  • Thomson

Holiday Compensation Enquiry

If you suffer an illness during your African holiday in Morocco or Kenya call our Holiday Claims Team on Freephone: 0808 145 1353 or if you prefer you can submit an online enquiry and we will get in touch with you.

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