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Patio Doors and Glass Injuries

Our team of holiday accident lawyers often deals with cases of holiday makers who have sustained horrific injuries from glass patio doors shattering at their holiday accommodation.

In many holiday destinations, there is no legal requirement to fit toughened or safety glass in balcony or patio doors and so extra care is needed – especially if you have children, elderly relatives, disabled family members or friends in your party.

Hotel room patio doors

Legal Right to Safety

Holiday accommodation provided by a package holiday company must be safe, well maintained and of a reasonable standard. If anything goes wrong like glass shattering in a balcony door, holidaymakers on packages are protected by the Package Travel Regulations 1992.

Glass shattering can cause injuries which are hard to treat, as glass shards can become embedded and cause injuries which affect eyesight – as well as cuts, lacerations and even permanent disfigurement.

Simpson Millar advises holiday makers to report anything in their holiday accommodation which might potentially be dangerous to their holiday representative – and ask to be moved if it causes concern, especially if you have children or elderly relatives with you.

If you have suffered injury in an accident involving glass in a balcony or patio door shattering in your holiday apartment or hotel and would like a free assessment and information about making a claim for compensation, contact Simpson Millar’s Holiday Accident Lawyers as soon as possible.

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Tips for using glass balcony and patio doors in holiday accommodation safely

  • Be very aware that glass patio and balcony doors and windows are unlikely to be made from safety or toughened glass
  • Do not let children run in accommodation where there are glass patio or balcony doors
  • Do not attempt to open glass doors by pressing on the glass
  • Take care in sunlight – glass doors which are closed may not be visible, so draw curtains to make them more obvious.

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