Holiday Complaint Claims

How to make a Holiday Complaint

Have you been mis-sold a holiday?

If the answer is yes, you can speak to one of our holiday complaints specialists who may be able to help you claim compensation for your ruined holiday.

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When can I make a Holiday Claim?

If you have booked a package holiday costing more than £2,000 then you may wish to consider obtaining legal advice about your holiday complaint to make sure you receive your full compensation entitlement. For example:

  • were you on honeymoon or celebrating a wedding or anniversary?
  • were a big group of you involved
  • did you book a luxury holiday

How do I know if I have been mis-sold a holiday?

You can make a claim if you feel your holiday was not provided as promised by your tour operator. Usually, this is due to a misrepresentation made by your tour operator whether orally, in the brochure descriptions or photographs or on the internet. Sometimes you may have also suffered a minor accident or illness as a result of these misrepresentations.

If you have been mis-sold a holiday it is important that you seek legal advice to know your rights when booking a holiday and whilst you are abroad.

You can make a claim for holiday compensation due to the following:

  • Health and safety risks at your hotel
  • Change of hotel accommodation due to the fault of your tour operator
  • Accident or illness abroad
  • Any form of misrepresentation of your hotel accommodation ie building works, lack of facilities or amenities as described, change in location etc
  • Poor standards of service
  • Cancellation of your holiday due to a fault by your tour operator

Getting the right level of compensation

If you want to make a holiday complaint it is important to know how much compensation you’re entitled to. Many people who pursue a complaint themselves are offered substantially less than what they are entitled to.

Your tour operator is likely to offer you a small compensation settlement, ie a few hundred pounds or holiday compensation vouchers you can only spend with them. If your holiday cost is less than £2,000, this offer may be acceptable to you. However, where the cost of your holiday is above £2,000 it is important that you gain legal advice to know if you have been offered an adequate sum for your holiday claim. Many of our lawyers have worked for the tour operators, giving us an advantage in securing holiday compensation.

Our holiday claims lawyers are on hand to give free advice, on:

  • how much compensation you’re entitled to, and
  • the chances of getting it.

This way you can make an informed decision on how to proceed with your claim.

If you want to make a holiday complaint where your holiday cost is above £2,000, it is likely that we will be able to help you claim back the full cost of your holiday as well as extra compensation for any loss of enjoyment suffered and any expenses incurred.

Case examples:

Ruined holiday in Turkey

We helped Mr Jones and his family claim back £3,250 from Thomas Cook for his ruined holiday to Turkey, due to the hotel accommodation posing a number of serious health and safety risks.

A cruise that ruined a golden wedding anniversary

We also helped Mr Wilkinson and his family claim back over £4,000 for a ruined golden wedding anniversary after booking a holiday cruise.

Why Us?

  • We have the expertise and experience
  • Free initial advice
  • No Win No Fee arrangements
  • No hidden charges – we will only charge a small percentage + VAT of any holiday compensation you recover
  • If your claim is unsuccessful we will not charge you

Our lawyers give a first class service to all of our clients, and we will always act in your best interests. To speak with us you can call us on freephone: 0808 145 1353 or leave your contact details through our online enquiry form and we will get straight back to you. It’s your choice.

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