Disputes over Children: Contact, Access, Visitation

I want to see my Kids - How do I get Access?

What are my rights?

Did you know that when parents separate, less than one in ten go to the family courts to help make decisions about contact arrangements for their children.

And yet contact with children after a split can be one of the most bitterly argued over issues – they are, after all, our most treasured possessions with both parents wanting their ‘share’.

Family Law Solicitors - Disputes over children and fee solutions

The Children Act 1989 is there to give paramount consideration to the welfare of the child/ren. So if you can’t agree on contact arrangements amicably as parents, there are steps you can take – but beware, the legal process can be lengthy and distressing for all involved.

The first step is to try mediation to see if a neutral third party can help you to agree the 'terms and conditions' of contact with your children after a split.

Child Contact – Common Access Issues

Issues that often crop up are:

  • How often you can have contact with your children – or are willing to allow – and
  • Whether unsupervised visits and/or overnight stays can be agreed upon.

But remember, under the Children Act it is not your contact with your children that is most important – it is what’s best for your kids.

That’s why going to court should always be a last resort, but for many is still the only way to gain contact with their children, or prevent a violent or abusive ex-partner from having contact with the children.

Help with access to my Child(ren)

If you are seeking contact with your child after a separation you can gain a contact order from the courts setting out your ‘rights’ to see your children and under what circumstances.

Removing access rights to a Child

If you are trying to prevent an ex-partner having contact with your children, perhaps because of welfare concerns, you can mount a legal opposition to the granting of any contact order.

Still having Child Contact Problems?

If you already have a contact order yet your ex-partner is still making it very difficult for you to have contact with your children, you can ask a solicitor or mediator to help you enforce the contact order.

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Whichever side of the situation you’re on – trying to gain or trying to prevent/restrict contact – it’s best to stay calm, don’t do, say or write things you’ll regret later – nothing on social networking sites, no late night phone calls, no arguments at handovers – just speak to a family law specialist solicitor as soon as possible to find the best solution.

Remember, our Family Law Team are on your side and we’ll do what’s best for you and your kids as quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently as possible.

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