Help and Advice with Education and Schooling Requirements for Children with Muscular Dystrophy

If your child has been diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, appropriate social care and help at school needs to be in place to fully support their needs.

Muscular Dystrophy - Legal Help, Access to education

What is muscular dystrophy?

Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a genetic, progressive condition, leading to increased weakness of the muscles.

What types of difficulties can a child with muscular dystrophy have?

The difficulties your child may have can vary. This is because there are over 30 types of MD, which can affect different parts of the body.

The 3 main types of MD are:

  • Duchenne MD, which is the most common and most severe type of MD, and usually affects boys - it starts in the leg muscles, before progressing to the rest of the body
  • Becker MD, a less aggressive type that again usually affects boys with a later onset and slower progression
  • Myotonic MD, this affects both boys and girls, and often affects smaller muscles first, such as those in the face, neck, eyes and heart.

What educational support does a child with muscular dystrophy need?

Children with MD have varying needs depending on both the type of MD they suffer from and how far their condition has progressed. The nature of the condition requires a significant amount of planning for the future with your child’s school and future schools.

A specialist school may be appropriate for your child, who may be in a better position than a mainstream school to understand the physical needs of your child.

This would also allow your child to continue to spend time with other children their age, whereas otherwise they may lose contact with other children who are more physically able.

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How can we help a child with muscular dystrophy?

You may have concerns about ensuring that your child has the correct education and social care, that is appropriate for their personal needs.

Simpson Millar LLP have been working with families and children with special educational needs (SEN) for many years. We have experience in working with everyone involved, from parents, the school, the local authority, to any education, health and social care professionals. This way, we are able to fully appreciate your child's needs and act in their best interests.

We are able to assist with care plans and securing a statement of special educational needs that is effective in safeguarding your child's interests. If you decide your child needs to go to a specialist school, Simpson Millar can support you through getting them there, and speaking on your behalf.

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