Help and Advice with Education and Schooling Requirements for Dyslexic Children

If your child has been diagnosed with dyslexia, you may have many questions. Dyslexia affects children differently and can vary in severity.

The information below describes the issues for children with dyslexia and what we can do to help your child.

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What is dyslexia?

Dyslexia is a lifelong learning difficulty that mainly affects a child’s ability with words.

It is a very common learning difficulty, with 4-8% of all schoolchildren in the country having it.

What difficulties might my child have?

There are 3 specific areas that it can affect your child:

  • The ability to work out how words are built from different sounds - problems with this could affect their early reading and spelling development
  • The ability to remember verbal information - for example how they remember instructions in the classroom
  • The speed the child can process verbal information may also be affected alongside verbal memory - such as writing down phone numbers

What educational support does my child need?

While dyslexia is a lifelong condition, but there is a lot of effective support available for children with dyslexia. There are several things that can be done at home and at school, such as:

  • Break down tasks into smaller chunks
  • Use visual aids and pictures
  • Handwriting practice
  • Extra time in exams and other tasks
  • Extra practice with reading, particularly reading out loud

How can we help a child with dyslexia?

We offer a wide range of advice on education and social care, and have experience of working with the local authority and schools, as well a health and social care professionals.

It may be the case that your child needs a statement of special educational needs to ensure that support is put in place for them in their education, and that it continues to stay in place. We are also able to check through statements to ensure that they meet your child's needs.

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