Help and Advice with Education and Schooling Requirements for Children with Down's Syndrome

If your child has been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, you may have a lot of questions regarding the type of support your child needs, and how they will get it. This guide hopes to shine a light on Down’s syndrome, and helping your child towards getting the best possible education.

Downs Syndrome, Access to Education

What is Down’s Syndrome?

Down’s syndrome is the most common genetic disorder that causes learning difficulties. The syndrome can be discovered before the birth of the child, though these tests provide no guarantee. However they are able to tell you the likelihood of the child having Down’s.

What difficulties might my child have?

There is a wide range of difficulties that a child may have if they suffer from Down’s syndrome. You child may or may not experience each one. Problems include:

  • Struggling with speech and understanding instructions
  • Problems recalling information and events
  • Struggling with physical actions, such as writing and playing sports
  • Due to the fact they may not age emotionally and socially at the same rate as other children, they may act inappropriately towards staff and pupils and have problems learning
  • A higher risk of autism

What educational support does my child need?

Children with Down’s syndrome are often able to go to a normal school if the correct support is in place. Attending a mainstream school may be emotionally and socially better for them.

Things that a parent or teacher can do to help are:

  • The use of pictures and other visual aids
  • Short, simple instructions, to help them understand and remember clearly
  • Attending classes suited to the child’s developmental age
  • Seeing a speech therapist
  • Occupational therapy
  • Learning support staff may be helpful to help a child understand tasks they’ve been given and help them through
  • Support during break and lunch times
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How can we help a child with Down’s syndrome?

With our years of experience in educational law, we are able to truly understand the needs of your child. We pride ourselves on a service which is based on this understanding, and from there, we are able to coordinate with other professionals, such as therapists and provide a personal service tailored to your child’s needs.

Some of the things we can do to help are working to ensure your child has an effective statement of educational needs and then making sure that it is followed, to truly enable your child to get the education they deserve.

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