Workplace Stress

Is your Job Stressing you out?

Have you been affected by stress at work?

Stress at work

Accordingly to the Health and Safety Executive Statistics (2011/2012):

  • over 1/3 of all new incidents of sickness relate to stress at work
  • each incident leads to an average of 24 working days lost

You should not have to suffer with stress in silence as your employers have a duty to help you. Have you:

  • experienced excessive workloads, and/or
  • bullying in the workplace

If your employers have neglected their responsibilities you may have a claim for damages.

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Check out our employee guide to stress at work claims.

Bullying and Harassment

In July 2006, the House of Lords found that where an employee had been bullied or harassed by another employee in the course of their employment, the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 allowed the bullied employee to claim damages against their employer.

We have successfully recovered damages for clients as a result of this decision.

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Case Examples

Employee claims for stress at work

Our client worked in a small office environment and under some pressure. He complained about his working environment and was told that a new office and assistance would be provided. The new office nor the assistance materialised. His psychological condition deteriorated and he suffered a stress related illness. Witness evidence for the Claimant detailed the deterioration in the Claimant’s health over a period of time and the case was settled on the basis that the employer should have reasonably foreseen a continued deterioration to his psychological health as a result of his demeanour in the office over a considerable period of time and as a result of the complaints that he had made. This stress at work case was settled for £5,000.

Bulling at work causes employee stress

Our client was bullied at work by a number of his managers over a prolonged period of time. The bullying included failing to allow him to take a break for the toilet, hiding his work, ridiculing him in front of his colleagues, giving priority to other colleagues less senior than him for better jobs. He complained under the harassment procedures and his complaint was upheld. The perpetrators were removed as a result. The Defendant paid damages under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 for the psychological injuries that the Claimant had sustained over this period. The stress at work case was settled for £6,000.

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