Osteoarthritis of the Knee Compensation

Does your job involving spending a lot of time kneeling on the floor?

You may be suffering from a medical condition called Osteoarthritis

Degenerative joint diseases such as Osteoarthritis are one of the most common types of arthritis in the UK. They can be very painful, and your working conditions can often contribute to you developing this type of injury.

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Osteoarthritis can affect several areas of your body, generally either the:

  • Hip and knee joints
  • Elbows, fingers and thumbs
  • Wrists

For example if you notice changes to your joints or symptoms including or joint movement pain and stiffness or grating or grinding feelings or swelling in your knees you may have started to develop this medical condition and should speak to your doctor about your symptoms in order to get a proper diagnosis and evidence of your injury. Your doctor will be able to assess the stage of osteoarthritis that you could be at and may be able to help you understand how it could have happened and provide you with information on your treatment options and measures that can ease the pain and discomfort.

How Did I Get Osteoarthritis?

Certain activities, which can occur in your day-to-day life at a low level, rather than a single sudden injury, can be the underlying cause of osteoarthritis. For example, if you put your knees and joints under constant stress, they can suffer damage, and sometimes the body cannot repair itself. Conditions that involve knee pain and joint stiffness can be debilitating.

Common causes of Osteoarthritis are:

  • Damage to ligaments, tendons and muscles
  • Inflammation of the joint or bone, often including swelling
  • Cartilage damage

Has this been caused by my work?

Over time, repetitive wear and tear and/or forceful movement of your knees can wear down the joints used in the movement. Your employer should provide you with the proper equipment to keep you safe whilst carrying out your duties, as they should be aware of any risk factors. If they fail to do so, you can end up with an injury or illness such as osteoarthritis.

For example, carpet layers using a knee kicker without appropriate kneepads have led to osteoarthritis in the knee.

Another example of a case would be where a BT (British Telecom) engineer has been kneeling in unnatural positions whilst laying cable, or having to climb poles with heavy weights on. This can cause degenerative damage to the knee.

These examples are obviously not exhaustive, consistent stress on any joints will carry a risk of osteoarthritis, and should be monitored and controlled.

What Does the Law Say?

Your employer has a legal responsibility towards you concerning health and safety. Many are aware of health and safety requirements in relation to injuries, but less so about illness and disease. If your employer fails to take all reasonable measures to protect you whilst you go about your day to day duties, you may be able to make an industrial disease claim, and receive compensation due to being injured at work.

You have 3 years from your diagnosis to make an osteoarthritis compensation claim. Therefore, it often does not matter that you no longer work for that company, even several years down the line.

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Claims are funded through no win no fee agreements or through legal expenses insurance policies and you will deal with your solicitor directly. Alternatively, if your trade union refers you to us, they may cover any fees.

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