Chemical Poisoning Compensation Claims

Exposure to Chemicals at Work or Faulty Chemicals in the Home Can Cause Injuries and Illnesses

Every day millions of workers are exposed to hundreds of chemicals and other substances in the workplace. In some instances a small proportion of these chemicals are dangerous and are known to cause health problems some of which could be short lived and some permanent.

Chemical Poisoning - Industrial Injury Claims

Chemical Poisoning Claims

It is your employer's duty to keep you safe at all times during your working day and you should be provided with appropriate systems of working to ensure that you are not put at risk. If, however, your employer fails to do so and you suffer symptoms of chemical poisoning then you could make a claim on their Employer's Liability Insurance for your injuries. Talk to our Industrial Disease Experts who will give you an honest, no obligation opinion on whether you have a potential claim for compensation.

Key Information:

Symptoms of chemical poisoning inhalation:

When a harmful substance is inhaled it can cause symptoms eg:

  • breathing difficulties
  • wheeziness
  • coughing
  • sickness, or
  • dizziness

In other cases the damage may be more long lasting and can cause, eg Occupational Asthma or Asbestosis. Contact with harmful chemicals can occasionally cause neurological damage or harm to the central nervous system.

Direct contact with chemicals

Certain occupations mean you could come into direct physical contact with some chemicals or substances which can cause skin irritation or even occupational dermatitis.

Rarely an individual may be exposed to harmful bacteria or biological material and this too can give rise to a claim.

Who is affected by chemical poisons?

It is not always those who work in heavy industry occupations who are affected, eg:

  • a group of postal workers suffered occupational dermatitis due to contact with dirty mailbags
  • in another case a defective air conditioning system caused wood dust to be circulated in an office environment causing the secretarial staff to develop breathing difficulties some of which were permanent

Chemical poisoning may also affect people who are not employees eg, there have been instances of harm caused to people living near farmland where the crops are intensively sprayed with chemicals.

Occasionally a chemical poisoning compensation claim can arise from a defective product or batch of products that has not been properly manufactured,

Case Example

Faulty shampoo causes chemical burns

Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors has acted for a young victim who suffered nasty chemical burns from a faulty shampoo product. We have also acted for a cleaner who became ill after using a particular brand of spray detergent which was later found to have exacerbated his pre-existing asthma.

Chemical poisoning compensation - Can I claim?

If you are an employee and suspect that you have been exposed to harmful chemicals in the workplace you could well have a compensation claim against your employer who is under a duty protect you from foreseeable harm and control hazardous substances in an appropriate manner.

If you think you have a chemical poisoning compensation claim you should ensure that any evidence is either photographed or otherwise preserved (eg keep any product you suspect has caused you harm or photograph the label or batch number).

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