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How To: Claim Compensation for an Asbestos Related Illness

If you become ill due to asbestos, the diagnosis can be traumatic and turn your life upside down in one fell swoop. You may feel angry, upset, and question "why me?" Seeking legal advice when you or your family member is ill can seem daunting, or even a waste of time, but there are many reasons for seeking help in the aftermath of a diagnosis, including securing a financial future for your family and raising awareness for others.

  • Employers have a legal duty to provide a safe working environment and protect you from exposure to asbestos
  • Asbestos related illnesses are long-term, debilitating, and can sometimes be fatal
  • If you have an asbestos related illness because you were wrongfully exposed to asbestos, you could be due compensation
  • Simpson Millar can give you access to a specialist asbestos solicitor – with jargon free legal advice and support every step of the way

With dormant asbestos continuing to be a huge public health concern across the UK, those who have been exposed can find a large support network and, with the help of our legal experts, can ensure that justice is done and the party responsible for exposure faces justice, even if the exposure happened decades ago.

How Can Simpson Millar Help?

Here at Simpson Millar, we believe that legal advice should be readily available and accessible to everyone. Approaching a solicitor for legal advice can be daunting if you're not sure you have a claim, or if you're worried too much time has passed to make it valid.

If you have been left to struggle with a life altering, debilitating illness because of someone's negligence - in many cases, an ex-employer, seeking out legal advice could be the best thing that you do.

Simpson Millar is not like other law firms.

By simply speaking with one of our solicitors at Simpson Millar, you will have a clear view of what we do differently. There is clear expertise, energy, and dedication to your asbestos claim and we know that our clients are not just another number.

We will get to know you and advise you on the the best way to approach your case and claim. We always provide straightforward and jargon-free advice at every stage of your case; we can explain how likely it is that your case will be successful at a very early stage.

Every case is different; some are very complex and require lots of support, others require minimal input and the client relies upon us to work as quickly as possible to ensure their case is brought to a conclusion within the shortest timescale possible.

We provide real solutions to real problems.

At the root of what we do is the belief that we want to help you to get your life in order; our team care about your case, and have the long-lasting experience to deal with the legal side of a life changing asbestos related illness.

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Why Should You Make A Claim?

When speaking to past and current clients, there are a few factors that are consistently given as a reason for making a claim:

  1. Providing For Your Family

    It is a sad reality for an asbestos illness sufferer that their time may be limited – many clients say that one of the most important factors for making in a claim is to ensure the financial security of any family members who may rely on them. No one wants to think that their family will not be financially stable if they pass away.

    Most insurance companies will have taken insurance premiums out for past employers, and for many victims, they feel justified in claiming if they become victims of wrongful exposures to asbestos dust.

    If you have an asbestos related illness due to employer negligence, being able to provide for your family will go a long way to putting your mind at rest.

  2. Enjoying Your Time

    For other clients, the claims process is a means to gain access to damages entitlement – this way they can enjoy the time they have left – especially if in receipt of a lump sum interim payment through the fast-track system.

    The payment can fund a much more comfortable lifestyle, and many clients use the money for travel costs; to visit friends and family and fulfil any last wishes.

    On a positive note; in many cases the whole amount of damages are recovered quickly and during the client's lifetime, particularly when arising from the new Government mesothelioma payment scheme for instances when past employers did not take out any insurance – where claims can take a matter of weeks.

  3. Awareness Of Asbestos

    For others of you, it can be that you are understandably upset and even angry as you feel none of this is your fault. You may feel let down by past employers, who may or may not have known about the carcinogenic effects of asbestos.

    The issue is that many asbestos victims feel that huge importance should put upon the awareness of asbestos related illnesses – and that by putting pressure on the Government it may help to prevent further exposures from occurring and to protect workers from hazards.

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What Asbestos Related Illnesses Can You Claim For?

The tricky part about Asbestos related illnesses is that they often take a long time to become apparent; in some cases it could be 20, 30, or even 40 years after you have been exposed to the substance before the symptoms present themselves.

Below you'll see the four main illnesses that you can get from asbestos exposure:

Pleural Thickening Asbestos lung cancer Mesothelioma Asbestosis

For more detailed information on each illness, please click here

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How Can You Fund Your Claim?

The decision to make a claim can be a daunting one – especially if you are ill, or you are caring for someone that is ill – the last thing you want to worry about is finding the money to finance a claim.

There is no legal aid entitlement for this type of case – and that's why Simpson Millar will always pursue an asbestos related claim on a no win no fee basis.

  • Usually, an insurance policy taken out in your name will back up your claim.
  • In mesothelioma cases, you do not have to worry about paying for the premium for this insurance policy as if we win your case then the insurers will cover this outlay
  • In other asbestos illness cases; such as lung cancer, asbestosis or pleural thickening there will sometimes be a deduction of the insurance premium from your damages.
  • This means that you will never receive a bill for the insurance premium and it is only deductible if we win your case.
  • If we do not win, or decide not to proceed due to lack of evidence, we will write off the cost of the insurance premium along with our costs so that you never have the worry of receiving a bill from us.

We will not allow legal costs to cloud an already stressful and difficult time.

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How Long Does An Asbestos Claim Take?

Every case we deal with has its own complexities – but many of our cases follow the same simple process.

Asbestos case timeframe

A recent case handled by our asbestos team at our Bristol office took just 10 weeks from instruction for a full and final settlement. If a case is more difficult there is an extended timeframe to work in; and, depending upon the evidence, it could take up to 3 years from diagnosis for a settlement to be made.

We make it our priority to inform you of whether your claim will have a significantly difficult process, so you know from the outset how long your claim may take, and you can prepare for this accordingly.

Ultimately, your case and claim will be individual to you; and Simpson Millar will always provide a Solicitor with great experience of asbestos disease cases – so you can rest assured they have the necessary and relevant skills to get your case through the process in the most efficient manner.

NB: For cases, we have recently put through the new Government Mesothelioma Payment Scheme, in cases where past employers no longer exist and did not take out any insurance cover payments have been made within 3 weeks of beginning proceedings. This has been common but should not be taken as the expected outcome.

Please ask us for more information on the Government Mesothelioma Payment Scheme.

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What Medical Information Do You Need To Make A Claim?

You do not personally need to provide us with any specific medical information in the first instance. If you have been to hospital, it is very likely that you will have recently had an X-ray, scan, or possibly a biopsy.

Our specialist Asbestos solicitors will always seek to get this information from your GP or from the hospital, you have been treated at as a matter of urgency.

Your solicitor will obtain a medical diagnosis letter, and this will be useful when making your claim.

Click here to start discussions with us about your claim.

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Who Have Simpson Millar Helped?

Below are examples of cases we have worked on and won compensation for the clients involved:

Chemical Manufacturing worker exposed to asbestos insulation

Mr G. was exposed to asbestos whilst employed by a large chemical manufacturing company in the mid-1960s to 1970s.

  • He was exposed to asbestos as a consequence of works being carried out by fitters who were removing and replacing asbestos insulation from pipe work.
  • 41 years later, Mr G. started to experience pains in the side of his chest
  • His GP referred him to a chest physician and following a chest x-ray and CT scan, Mr G. was diagnosed with mesothelioma
  • Mr G. instructed us so we were able to trace the insurance company of his former employers (since they had gone into liquidation). We then swiftly obtained an admission of liability from the insurance company despite there being limited information on which to act
  • Our lawyers issued court proceedings under a fast track procedure and successfully secured over £65,000 in compensation for Mr G

Automotive worker receives compensation for Asbestosis

For 5 years, Mr R. worked as a utility man for an automotive company. His normal duties involved undertaking repairs to vehicles along the production line of the factory. Occasionally the welders would blow holes into the car panels and he would be required to mix up a paste of asbestos and water with his hands and apply it to the damaged area.

  • The asbestos would be supplied in large bags which Mr R. would have to open with a knife. This released a great amount of asbestos dust into the atmosphere around him
  • His employers failed to warn him about the potential dangers of asbestos nor was he provided with any protective equipment
  • Almost 40 years later, Mr R. was diagnosed with Asbestosis

Our Team of Asbestos Lawyers immediately investigated his claim for compensation upon his instruction and quickly secured him £128,000 in compensation.

Factory worker claims for asbestos lung cancer

Our client worked for Turner Asbestos Limited as a representative for them covering a wide area including Northern Nigeria. He moved to Nigeria and worked for the company from 1970 to 1977.

  • During his employment he was exposed to asbestos dust in the manufacturing factory in Nigeria
  • He was then diagnosed with lung cancer and asbestosis
  • Turner Asbestos Limited has since gone into liquidation and our solicitors have managed to successfully pursue a claim against Turner Newall Asbestos Trustee Company (a Trust set up to deal with these claims)

Our client received £51,000 in damages.

This case highlights our Asbestos Disease and Illness Team's ability to pursue claims against companies that have since gone into liquidation and those that have an international element.

Choosing an appropriate solicitor to act on your behalf in such a serious case is extremely important. It is worth discussing your case before making an important decision such as who you would like to represent you.

Partner and asbestos solicitor at Simpson Millar, Helen Grady has worked on many difficult asbestos cases; one worth mentioning is a client who worked in a Victorian hospital, and was exposed during the 70s – but did not remember much about the exposures at the time. It was crucially important to have all the correct facts before acting on their behalf, which Helen obtained through access to key documents via a Freedom of Information Act Request, and tracking down maintenance men from the hospital in order to confirm the details. Her client was extremely happy with my service, saying:

"Helen handled the very difficult process of gathering information whilst always giving us reassuring confidence that she had nothing but my interests at heart. She went beyond the call of duty through the whole period of the case, nothing was too much trouble, we could contact her easily, and her dedication and empathy gave us great support through a difficult and emotional time."

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How Do I Make A Claim If I Have Been Diagnosed?

How to make an Asbestos Claim if you have been diagnosed

Making a claim with Simpson Millar is a very straightforward process; we have a simple system in place to ensure that we deal with your case in a swift manner.

In the first instance, we will arrange to meet you within 2-7 days to talk about your past work history so that we can ascertain how and where you may have come into contact with asbestos dust. We can arrange a home visit, you can come to any one of our national offices, or we can deal with your case by telephone and postal correspondence.

Once we have had our initial consultation, there are two elements to claiming for Asbestos related illness; one is for Government related claims, the other is for Civil Claims.

Government Claims

There are a range of claims you make against the Government, detailed below. Depending on your case, you could receive any number of them.

  • Industrial Injuries Disablement Pension (IIDB): this can be up to £168.00 per week, depending on the severity of your disability. You can claim IIDB if you have been exposed to asbestos in your current or previous place of work
  • Government Lump Sum: A diagnosis of Diffuse Mesothelioma, means you are entitled to a make a claim for a lump sum. The chart explains how much you could get (i.e. this is age and date of diagnosis specific)

How to make an Asbestos Claim

There are two schemes, the 2008 scheme, and the Diffuse Mesothelioma Payment Scheme, which have slightly different application processes, and we will explain which one applies to you.

  • Personal Independence Payment: aged for those between 16 and 64, you could get up to £139.75 a week towards living costs. It consists of the daily living component and the mobility component; each will factor in to your final weekly payment
  • War Pension: exposure to asbestos during military service, means you could receive up to £171.50 per week, again, depending on the severity of your disability. The table below shows how much you could be entitled too, depending on your assessment:

Assessment Weekly Rate
100% £178.20
90% £160.38
80% £142.56
70% £124.74
60% £106.92
50% £89.10
40% £71.28
30% £53.46
20% £35.64

  • Constant Attendance Allowance: if you receive IIDB or a War Disablement Pension, and you need daily care due to your disability, you could receive up to £132.80 a week depending on the disability you have and the amount of care that you need.
  • Blue Badge: if you are disabled and use a vehicle to get around (or if you're unable to drive but are a passenger often) you can apply for a pass to enable you to park in restricted areas specifically for disabled people. You may qualify without further assessment, but you may need to provide evidence in some cases.

Civil Claims

After we have made any Government claims, we will then look into making a Civil Claim for you. There is no automatic entitlement to compensation, so we will need to prove that you are entitled.

The process for this is as follows:

  1. We will firstly obtain your HMRC employment history schedule and use this information to search the insurance database to find out the name of the insurers of your past employers.
  2. We then obtain your medical records and instruct an independent respiratory consultant to prepare a report – you do not have to attend an examination, as the medical expert will have your up to date medical records.
  3. In some of the more complex cases, we take steps to instruct an expert engineer to look at the evidence we have collected and they will be able to give us an estimate of the levels of asbestos you were exposed to.
  4. We then evaluate how likely it is that your claim will be successful. We may, on occasion, seek advice from a Barrister during this part of the process.
  5. Next, it's important for us to calculate your future financial losses because of your asbestos related illness. This could be loss of future pension payments (state and/or private pension), or loss of earnings as some people are still in employment at the time of diagnosis with no intention of taking early retirement.
  6. If a Grant of Probate is required before the insurance company will pay out, we will handle this, without any additional cost to you.
  7. We can handle the creation of your Will and setting up a Trust so that your assets and family are accounted and cared for, should anything happen to you.

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Can You Claim If The Person Affected Has Passed Away?

Can I claim if the person has passed away = YES

  1. We accept claims from spouses of lost loved ones through an Asbestos disease. We can also take over cases from other solicitors for whatever reason.
  2. The time limit for bringing a claim is 3 years from the date of diagnosis, or in the case of someone passing away, the date that they died.
  3. We can also advise on the process of an inquest related to an asbestos related disease

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What Are Your Next Steps?

Simpson Millar is committed to helping victims of Asbestos related disease; our Internal Service Level Agreements (SLAs) ensure involvement from the team as a whole. In more complex cases, this is particularly important and means that we can accept instructions on difficult, low level exposure cases where a range of expertise is required.

If you're concerned that you've got an Asbestos related disease but aren't sure what to do, or how to make a claim we will guide you through the uncertainty, always on hand to ensure that you're supported at all times.

Ultimately, we want to help you to get your life in order following your diagnosis. You do not have to worry or suffer in silence; our Asbestos Claims Team offer completely straightforward and jargon-free legal advice.

We will help you to claim the compensation that you deserve, whether that be a governmental or civil claim.

Call our asbestos exposure helpline today on freephone: 0808 129 3320 or use our free, no obligation, online enquiry form to register for a call back to find out more about compensation for exposure to this hazardous substance.

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