Sofa Contamination

Is your Sofa making you ill?

Many of you may have bought a contaminated or toxic sofa causing problems such as itching, rashes, lesions and other skin complaints.

Sofa contamination - personal injury claims

A number of retailers, including Land of Leather, Argos, Homebase and Walmsley's Furnishing, have sold sofas treated with toxic chemicals which cause skin irritations. Many of the contaminated sofas have been treated with the anti-mould agent Dimethyl Fumarate (DMF).

It is believed that the Dimethyl Fumarate crystals transform into toxic gas, particularly when exposed to heat. This can then pass through clothes, causing health problems. The chemical can cause severe skin reactions eg blisters, burns and in some cases breathing difficulties.

Our solicitors can help you to recover compensation for the discomfort and inconvenience you have suffered.

Symptoms caused by toxic sofas

Complaints include varying degrees of:

  • blistering
  • sores
  • lesions
  • rashes
  • breathing difficulties, and
  • fatigue

The retailers in question have indicated that they have tried to contact all affected customers, however, they may not have succeeded. On some occasions, Argos has told customers experiencing skin problems that their sofa is not contaminated.

What you can do:

  • Visit your doctor to get your symptoms checked out. Your doctor can tell you what steps you can take to alleviate your condition
  • Get rid of the sofa. Some retailers have indicated that they will replace contaminated sofas. Arrange for pick up of the sofa immediately and, if they cannot exchange it there and then, get them to lend one to you
  • Think about compensation for your symptoms. The level of compensation will depend on the severity of your symptoms
    • Take photographs of visible symptoms as this will help you to substantiate your claim

Contaminated sofa compensation

You should give serious consideration to getting help from experienced solicitors if you possess a contaminated sofa. We can make a claim for compensation on your behalf and can properly advise you on the appropriate level of compensation.

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