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Navigating your way through the care home system can be complicated, especially when you don't have the information or legal support you need.

As fees continue to rise, many elderly and vulnerable individuals, as well as their families, often worry about whether they will be able to afford the costs of living in care

Whether you are trying to resolve an issue or make arrangements for long-term care for yourself, a loved one, or someone you are acting as a deputy or attorney for, our specialist Care Homes solicitors can support you on matters such as:

  • Reclaiming care home fees that might have been wrongly paid (note that this can include claiming back fees for someone who has passed away)
  • Helping you or your relative decide whether you or they can apply for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding – for example, if you – or they – are suffering from a condition such as dementia
  • Helping you apply for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding
  • Reviewing your care home and/or GP records, or those of your relative, to establish whether there is any merit in making an application
  • Reviewing assessments that have already been completed and letting you know whether you can appeal the decision
  • Appealing a decision that has already been made about funding – please note that you should get in touch with us as soon as you are aware of the outcome, as time limits apply
  • Preparing an appeal either to the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) or to NHS England
  • Preparing for a Local Resolution or Independent Review Panel meeting following an appeal
  • Advising you about whether you can make a complaint to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman

How Can I Make A Claim?

NHS Continuing Healthcare funding is provided for people who need full-time care primarily for health reasons. If you think you qualify or your loved one qualifies for this funding, but you or they are paying for the care, you should ask for an NHS Continuing Healthcare assessment. You can also ask for this assessment if your loved one has passed away but you believe that they were eligible for this funding.

This type of funding is available no matter where you or your relative live or lived – this can be in your own home, a residential home, or it could be a nursing home. The assessment process is the same.

We can request an assessment for NHS Continuing Healthcare funding on your behalf, but in order to do so we would need some details from you about the reason why you think you or your relative would be eligible for funding. This includes information about what health needs you or your relative have. Alternatively, you can ask a GP, social worker, or manager of the care home to carry out the assessment.

It can be really upsetting when you are told that you don't qualify for funding, or your relative is told that they aren't eligible for funding, especially when financial support can make all the difference.

Unless an assessment has been carried out, it's impossible to know whether you or they are eligible.

Please note that the earliest period from which you might be able to reclaim fees is 1st April 2012. The NHS' deadline for reclaiming fees prior to this date has now passed.

What Type Of Funding Can I Or My Relative Apply For?

As fees continue to rise, many elderly and vulnerable individuals, as well as their families, often worry about whether they will be able to afford the costs of living in care and are not aware of what funding they have access to.

More information about the types of funding that are available can be found in our Care Homes – FAQs guide.

How Can Simpson Millar Help Me?

Our Care Homes solicitors have been working with clients across the UK for years.

Our clients approach us in different circumstances, which is why we always tailor our services to meet their needs. Whether you are having trouble with care home funding – for example, you want to reclaim fees – or you are trying to appeal against a decision, we can support you through the process, every step of the way.

We are happy to provide you with a free initial consultation and will ensure that you receive a full written quote before we begin working on your case. We are always upfront about our fees, and offer various funding options to suit your budget including no win, no fee and more bespoke fixed-fee services.

You can find more information about making a claim in our Care Homes – FAQs guide.

What Other Services Does Simpson Millar Offer?

Managing your finances or those of your loved one can become quite overwhelming. If you need some financial guidance, you can rely on our team of financial advisors to help you with:

  • Planning, saving and investing for future care costs
  • Retirement planning
  • Pensions
  • Tax
  • Investments

We also offer a range of private client services that you or your relative might be interested in:

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