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In the aftermath of a life changing injury, victims can often feel unsure of how to get their lives back on track. With the serious nature of catastrophic injuries, uncertainty can often block an individual's road to recovery.

There are a number of organisations based in the UK that help victims of serious injury come to terms with their injuries and begin a road to recovery that best helps them manage their new lifestyle.

Regardless of the nature of the accident that caused the serious injury, the following organisations provide impartial advice and support for victims of life changing injuries and can help you, or your family, come to terms with your injury.

Serious Injury Support Groups, Services, and Charities


Headway is a charitable organisation that is committed to developing the public's understanding and awareness of all aspects of brain injury. For the survivors of brain injury, and their families, Headway provides an essential support network and provides information, support, and services to those affected by brain injuries.

As part of their continued campaign to increase understanding of brain injuries, Headway organises a variety of events that are designed to raise awareness of the consequences of serious a brain injury.

As a listed head injury solicitor in Headway's directory, we have agreed to work within the Headway Personal Injury Lawyers code of conduct, which underlines our commitment to support victims of serious head injuries.

Contact Headway

Phone: 0808 800 2244 (Free helpline 9am - 5pm, Monday to Friday)

Spinal Injuries Association

The Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) is a leading charity for those affected by spinal cord injuries. As a user-led organisation, the SIA have a sophisticated understanding of the challenges of living with a spinal cord injury.

Offering support, advice, and education on the effects of spinal cord injuries, the SIA campaign tirelessly on behalf of those affected by serious spinal injuries. Striving to achieve their mission statement of helping all spinal cord injured people receive the specialist treatment, care, rehabilitation and support they need, the SIA are the leading user-led spinal injury charity in the UK.

As panel solicitors for SIA, we are committed to the organisation's code of conduct. Our status as panel solicitors highlights our expertise in the area of compensation for spinal injuries and underlines our dedication to support those affected by life changing injuries of this nature.

Contact The Spinal Injuries Association

Phone: 0845 165 2805
Freephone Advice Line: 0800 980 0501 (Available 11am - 4.30pm)

Brain Injury Group

Established to support individuals and families affected by brain injury, the Brain Injury Group is committed to providing access to the relevant information, care, and support that victims of a serious brain injury require to come to terms with their injury.

Collaborating information on carers, support services, health professionals, and legal advice relating to brain injuries, the Brain Injury Group is a not-for-profit community interest company that has created a network of brain injury lawyers and specialist services for those affected by brain injury.

Our partnership with the Brain Injury Group highlights our expertise on brain injury claims and underlines our involvement in the positive promotion of brain injury awareness.

Contact The Brain Injury Group

Freephone: 0800 612 9660 OR 01737 888168


As the UK's leading children's charities, Barnardo's supports the most vulnerable children in our society.

Providing specialist services, campaign resources, and conducting expert research, Barnardo's works directly with 240,000 children, young people, and families every year.

Working in a variety of areas, the charity has a 150-year track record of transforming the lives of vulnerable children.

Contact Barnardo's

Phone: 0808 800 5000


bibic, formerly the British Institute for Brain Injured Children, is a charity that supports children and families affected by a variety of conditions.

The charity began life focusing on brain injuries in children; however they now help with various challenging neurological and genetic conditions in children, including:

bibic help children with their development and support families by providing information and helping them better understand their child's condition.

Contact bibic

Phone: 01458 253344


Brainbox is a registered charity that offers 24/7 support to families with a young person that has suffered ABI.

Offering a counselling service, families of a child who has an ABI can contact Brainbox to receive emotional support and advice on how to cope with their child's condition.

Brainbox offer face-to-face sessions and a Freephone hotline, ensuring that families can reach out and receive support whenever they are in need.

Contact Brainbox

Phone: 0800 0124 027 (24 hour help and support weekdays and weekends


Brainwave is a charity that is dedicated to improving the mobility, communication skills, and learning potential of children that have additional needs.

Broadening their scope, Brainwave recognised the impact that children with challenging conditions have on their family, as a result of this Brainwave work to empower families and allow them to deliver therapy to their child at home.

Contact Brainwave

Phone: 01278 429089

The Brain and Spine Foundation

The Brain and Spine Foundation is a charitable organisation that exists to provide support and information to children and adults that are affected by a neurological condition.

Offering help during diagnosis, treatment, and in the longer term, the Brain and Spine Foundation answer questions and provide support to patients while they come to terms with their condition.

The bulk of support for service users is provided via a free helpline, which connects patients to professional neuroscience nurses who can provide emotional support and answer questions about any neurological conditions.

Contact The Brain and Spine Foundation

Phone: 0808 808 1000

Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC)

For 30 years, the Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC) in Greater Manchester has supported patients, and their families, after medical treatment has finished for their brain or spine injury.

The charity was founded to help brain and spinal cord injury sufferers cope with their condition after they have received immediate care and offers emotional, cognitive, and physical support to anybody that needs on-going assistance.

BASIC also helps patients get back to work and offer complementary therapies to ease any pain or discomfort caused by their injury.

Contact The Brain and Spinal Injury Centre (BASIC)

Phone: 0161 707 6441

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT)

Part of the Disabilities Trust, the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT) provides neurobehavioural rehabilitation for adults that have complex needs after suffering a brain injury.

As the leading charity in the UK for brain injury rehabilitation, the BIRT supports 550 people, many of whom stay at one of the charity's rehabilitation centres while they learn how to perform the daily tasks required to regain their independence after a serious injury.

Contact The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Trust (BIRT)

Phone: 01924 266 344

Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Development (BIRD)

The Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Development charity (BIRD) helps treat people with brain injuries and learning difficulties, with the organisation's end goal being an improvement of service user's condition.

While BIRD work with people of all ages, they mainly support the complex needs of children with neurological disorders or learning disabilities.

Using a unique treatment therapy, called 'Development Reflexive Rehabilitation', BIRD have helped improve people's conditions where it was thought no improvement was possible.

Contact The Brain Injury Rehabilitation and Development (BIRD)

Phone: 0800 028 6256

The Brain Injury Social Work Group

The Brain Injury Social Work Group (BISWG) was established by a group of social workers that felt there was a lack of peer support, education, and networking opportunities around brain injury.

BISWG are a leading organisation for social workers and other medical, legal, and health professionals that work with brain injuries.

The charity's main objective is to advance public education of brain injury through the seminars, conferences, and forums.

Contact The Brain Injury Social Work Group

Phone: 0750 148 3989

The Brain Tumour Charity

The Brain Tumour Charity is the UK's largest charity dedicated to fighting brain tumours on all fronts.

Aiming to reduce the effect brain tumours have on patients and their families, the Brain Tumour Charity provide information to those affected, as well as undertaking research on brain tumours.

The charity's HeadSmart campaign looked to raise awareness of brain tumours across the UK and resulted in a reduction in average diagnosis times for brain tumours in children, falling from 14.4 weeks to 6.7 weeks.

Contact The Brain Tumour Charity

Phone: 0808 800 0004

British Burn Association

The British Burn Association (BBA) is a non-profit organisation that is dedicated to supporting victims of serious burn injuries. Dedicating itself to all aspects of burn care, the BBA holds an Annual Scientific Meeting, which acts as a forum on all aspects of burn care and features original papers and lectures from leading figures in the industry.

The BBA organises a National Burn Awareness Day, which is designed to actively encourage prevention of burns. In the past burn awareness days have seen resources created that help to reduce the number of burn victims.

We encourage burn victims to seek advice from the charity, who are leaders in the area of burn care and have conducted extensive research on caring for burn victims.

Contact The British Burn Association

Phone: 0207 869 6923


Cerebra is a national charity that aims to improve the lives of children, and their families, with neurological conditions.

Conducting research into child neurological conditions, Cerebra offers information and support to children and families who have been affected by a neurological condition.

Through their support services, Cerebra offers an information hotline, regional support officers, grants for expensive equipment, and a number of other crucial services that can help families deal with their child's challenging condition.

Contact Cerebra

Phone: 0126 724 4200

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation (CBF)

The Challenging Behaviour Foundation (CBF) is the only charity in the UK for people with severe learning disabilities who display challenging behaviour.

Offering information to families affected by behaviours typically described as challenging, CBF run workshops to try and educate families about promoting positive behaviour and communication.

Some of the charity's service users first began showing signs of challenging behaviour after suffering an ABI, as such they are a vital resource to those who have undergone a significant personality change following a brain injury.

Contact The Challenging Behaviour Foundation (CBF)

Phone: 0300 666 0126

Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT)

The Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT) is a charity that provides non-medical services to families affected by childhood acquired brain injury (ABI).

Focusing on the effects of ABI on children, CBIT aims to raise awareness and understanding of the condition and its causes; for example, the charity's Glow Day raises awareness of road safety, one of the leading causes of brain injury in children.

Providing information to families and professionals, the CBIT publishes factsheets to help explain childhood ABI to those affected by the condition.

Contact The Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT)

Phone: 01869 341075

Different Strokes

Different Strokes is a leading charity that offers support to younger stroke survivors. Founded due to a lack of support services during the rehabilitation period of a stroke, the charity aims to empower younger stroke survivors, their families, and friends.

Organising national network of support classes, providing practical and easy to use information, and hosting a StrokeLine hotline allows younger stroke survivors to reclaim their lives.

Providing a voice for younger stroke victims, Different Strokes aims to support their cause by lobbying Government and service providers.

Contact Different Strokes

Phone: 0345 130 7172 or 01908 317 618

Encephalitis Society

The Encephalitis Society is the leading charity working to improve the quality of life for those affected, both directly and indirectly, by Encephalitis.

For those affected by Encephalitis – which is an inflammation of the brain – the Encephalitis Society offers advice and support through evidence-based information.

Working to improve national and international services for those affected Encephalitis, the charity pushes awareness of the condition through extensive research, with an end goal of making Encephalitis as rare as humanely possible.

Contact Encephalitis Society

Phone: 01653 699599

International Brain Injury Association (IBIA)

The International Brain Injury Association (IBIA) supports multidisciplinary medical and clinical professionals, advocates, policy makers, consumers, and other professionals that work with brain injuries.

Established to provide a global network of brain injury professionals, the IBIA collaborates brain injury resources and is considered an international leader in the area of brain injuries.

IBIA works to publish and promote information on all aspects of brain injury, ranging from prevention of injuries to long-term issues, and organises an annual World Congress on Brain Injury.

Contact The International Brain Injury Association (IBIA)


ProActive Prosthetics

ProActive Prosthetics is an independent healthcare provider that specialises in treatment and support for amputees. Offering services that range from prosthetic fitting to occupational therapy, ProActive Prosthetics encourage a mix of treatments for new and existing amputees.

As experts in caring for, and supporting amputees, ProActive Prosthetics are leaders in the field and are often consulted as medico-legal experts in cases involving lost limbs. Their clinically focussed team have influenced the prosthetic industry in the UK, as such they are able to provide expert opinions based on solid clinical experience.

Contact ProActive Prosthetics

Phone: 0125 270 2500

The Silverlining

Aiming to rebuild the lives of those affected by brain injury, The Silverlining helps service users participate in, and organise, community based activities, events, and challenges.

For those affected by brain injury, working with The Silverlining on local projects can help their focus, with activities and becoming involved in a local group often having a positive effect on a service user's rehabilitation.

Instead of providing a service to those affected by brain injury, The Silverlining offers opportunities. These opportunities allow brain injury sufferers to interact with a like-minded support group, while doing something they may never have done before their injury.

Contact The Silverlining

Phone: 0203 174 2051


STEPS is a charity designed to support children and adults affected by lower limb conditions. As a leading voice on such conditions, STEPS supports individuals, families, and carers affected by a range of lower limb conditions, including clubfoot and hip dysplasia.

Offering support and advice to those affected, STEPS is available to everyone affected by lower limb conditions. If you, or anyone you know, have been affected by a lower limb condition, then STEPS can provide helpful advice on how to move forward after diagnosis and get your life back on track.

Contact STEPS

Phone: 01925 750271

United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Trust Forum (UKABIF)

The United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Trust Forum (UKABIF) is a membership organisation and charity established in 1998 with the express goal of promoting a better understanding of all aspects of ABI.

The UKABIF's primary goal is to raise awareness of the condition and aims to inform and educate professionals, service providers, and policy makers.

Their vision is based around ensuring that ABI sufferers have access to good quality local rehabilitation and follow-up services, as well as providing support and networking opportunities to those who work with ABI in a professional capacity.

Contact The United Kingdom Acquired Brain Injury Trust Forum (UKABIF)

Phone: 0845 608 0788 or 0345 6080788

The Katie Piper Foundation

Founded by best-selling international author, philanthropist, and TV presenter Katie Piper, the Katie Piper Foundation looks to improve outcomes for burns survivors, deliver comprehensive burns rehabilitation, and support burns survivors during their recovery.

Katie was 24 when she was the victim of a brutal acid attack, which left her in an induced coma and made her reconsider her plans to seek a full-time career in the media.

After years of rehabilitation, both physical and psychological, Katie is feeling comfortable and happy in her own skin and her charity looks to create a world where scars do not limit a person's function, social inclusion, or sense of well-being.

Contact The Katie Piper Foundation

Phone: 020 7420 7813

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