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Motorcycle accidents have the potential to completely change a rider's life; from serious physical injuries to traumatic psychological damage, being injured on a bike can have a significant detrimental effect on an individual's life.

Due to the exposed nature of riders, even those with the most advanced protective gear can find themselves facing serious injury as a result of a collision

With these serious, and often long-lasting, effects of motorcycle injuries it is vital that riders understand their rights when they have been involved in a collision on the road. In this guide we will highlight:

Disproportionate Danger

According to leading road safety organisations, motorcyclists are among the most vulnerable road users in the UK and are disproportionately involved in crashes and casualties. It is claimed that bikers are 38 times more likely to be involved in a fatal accident than car occupants per mile ridden.

Accounting for just 1% of total road traffic, motorcyclists make up 19% of all road user fatalities in the UK. As advised by the Department of Transport's THINK! campaign, it is often other road users that could potentially endanger motorcyclists, and the organisation advises that other road users need to:

  • Take longer to look for bikes
  • Keep their distance
  • Check for bikes when changing lanes or turning
  • Be aware that motorcyclists may pass them on either side
  • Park safely and check for motorcyclists before opening their car doors

With 30 riders being killed or seriously injured at junctions every day, remaining vigilant, alert, and driving defensively minimises the chances of a collision with other road users.

Due to the challenges and unfair prejudices faced by motorcyclists, it can be difficult to know how to react when you, or a loved one, have been involved in a collision. Getting the right help and advice is crucial in the immediate aftermath of a collision and the specialist team at Simpson Millar understand the stigma attached to bikers; the team are experts in seeking compensation for riders who have been involved in a collision as a result of another road user's erroneous driving.

Motorcycle Injuries

Due to the exposed nature of riders, even those with the most advanced protective gear can find themselves facing serious injury as a result of a collision.

Some of the most common serious injuries associated with motorcycle collisions are:

  • Brain and head injuries: Crash helmets significantly reduce the risk of brain and head injuries however, these types of debilitating injuries are still commonplace. It's crucial that you ensure your crash helmet abides by relevant safety guidelines and it is advisable to avoid second-hand helmets, as one simple drop can affect the lid's integrity.
  • Amputations: In extreme cases, medical professionals will need to amputate limbs in order to save other parts of your body, or in some cases, your life. The road to recovery for amputees is long and arduous and losing a limb can cause untold psychological damage.
  • Spinal cord injuries: Yet another serious injury that can be caused by the momentary lapse of another road user, spinal cord injuries can leave you partially or completely paralysed, requiring frequent medical care and leaving you with very little quality of life.

Our specialist motorcyclist team is different from most legal professionals, as they understand and appreciate the fact that most riders know these risks and still wish to ride on.

With one of our experts being a rider herself, we as a firm understand the mentality of motorcyclists and will never marginalise a claim based on a client having a passion for biking.

Of course, these injuries are not only suffered by riders on public roads, as participants in motorsports can often suffer from a life changing injury. With a keen interest in British Superbikes Championship, and regularly attending events, our specialist team also understand the nature of these highly competitive sports.

Getting The Right Medical Attention

In the immediate aftermath of a serious injury suffered on a bike, the most important thing for all involved is that they receive the correct medical care.

As a firm, we can help connect our clients to relevant medical experts across the country and are proud of our commitment to help those suffering from a serious life-changing injury with their rehabilitation.

In some cases we have been able to provide our clients with private healthcare provisions, meaning that they receive the best care, without having to wait a long time for treatment on the NHS.

Early diagnosis and correct rehabilitation can seriously alter the quality of life for those who have suffered a serious injury and it is important that whomever you seek for advice always places your medical needs, whether they be physical or psychological, above any other aspect of any compensation claim.

Seeking Compensation

With motorcyclists disproportionately affected in road collisions and the injuries sustained in said collisions often causing untold amounts of damage to riders, a compensation claim can go a long way to mitigate the loss caused by the incident.

Even in the most minor collisions, time off work may be required to recover from any soft tissue damage suffered in the accident. In the more extreme cases, a rider may never be able to work again due to the injuries suffered in a serious collision.

Gaining compensation for the injuries caused by an accident on the road can help a rider, and their family, deal with the circumstances of their injury. Claims can help cover:

  • Loss of earnings, both past and present
  • Cost of medical care
  • Any travel expenses caused by your injury
  • The recovery time of any physical injury
  • The psychological damage of a collision on the road

Getting prompt advice from a team of experts that understand the mentality of a rider can go a long way to ensuring that your feelings, point of view, and description of events are understood and taken on board โ€“ as opposed to being ignored and treated as just another motorcycle accident.

At Simpson Millar, our experts have both a deep knowledge and understanding of the law and real-world experience of riding motorcycles. When you deal with our specialist team, you know that you are talking to a compassionate contact that has extensive knowledge of the law.

When dealing with Simpson Millar, our specialist team can offer you:

  • Direct access to an experienced solicitor
  • A home or hospital visit at your convenience
  • Assistance at criminal proceedings or inquests
  • Assistance with rehabilitation
  • Assistance with obtaining early interim payments while your main claim is settled
  • A personal and attentive service at all times
  • A no-win, no-fee service
  • Receive 100% of the compensation owed to you*

*Available on qualifying claims, not available on CICA or MIB untraced drivers' agreements

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