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Early Interim Payments in Serious Injury Cases are Vital

Your serious injury claim may take some time to conclude as we need to ensure that your medical condition has settled to a point where the experts can reasonably predict your long-term future. This does not mean that you need to be without any money until your injury claim is concluded and this is where the benefit of interim payments comes into play.

Early interim payments mean you can focus on recovery

Often, we are able to achieve the payment of large interim payments at the early stages of your serious injury claim. These often needed funds will enable you to clear accumulated debts, meet your daily household expenses, pay for necessary equipment (such as wheelchairs or vehicles) or even fund the purchase of suitable accommodation, in short its means you can start on your road to recovery.

Interim payments will generally be achievable where liability has been admitted, the defendant is insured and it can be demonstrated that there is a reasonable need for the interim payment at this stage. We will work with you on this and do our best to gain you an interim payment as early as possible during the claims process.

The Value of Interim Payments - case example

Two-year old girl suffers spinal cord injury in road accident

Emma was a 2 year old child who was a passenger in her mother’s car that was involved in an accident. Emma suffered a severe spinal cord injury to the extent that she was paralysed from the neck and relied on a ventilator to breathe. She required 24 hour care and suitable accommodation. Our serious injury lawyers were able to secure interim payments of more than £2M to enable suitable accommodation and a care package to be established.

If you or a member of your family have suffered a serious injury in an accident that was not your fault then you may be able to claim compensation. Speak to our serious injury claims experts today to find out more:

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