Head Injury Guidelines

Head Injuries - Your Medical Rights

The following head injury guidelines set out your medical rights as a patient, carer or relative:

Patient care – your rights

  • Anyone with a head injury must have the opportunity to make informed decisions regarding their care and treatment in partnership with healthcare professionals
  • If a head injury patient cannot make decisions, healthcare professionals must follow the Department of Health Guidelines – "Reference Guide to consent for examination or treatment" (2001)
  • Healthcare professionals must also follow the code of practice accompanying the Mental Capacity Act

Patient care – treatment rights

  • You have the right to evidence-based written information tailored to your needs in an accessible style that suits you
  • Your treatment and care should be culturally appropriate

Carers/relatives – your rights

  • You should have the opportunity to be part of any decisions about the patient's care and treatment, unless the patient excludes you
  • You should be given the correct information and support you need at all times

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