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Amputated Limbs - How to Claim for an Injury

The loss of one or more limbs is clearly a devastating injury that will affect all aspects of daily life. Having acted for numerous amputees, we truly understand the full impact of such injuries in terms of work (or school), care, accommodation, aids and equipment and prosthetics provision.

Amputation Claims - Catastrophic Personal Injury Compensation

How we can help you

We understand the medical issues facing amputees whether that relates to phantom pain, stump revision surgery, pressure sores or the understandable psychological symptoms that can occur.

Our promise to you:

  • Our expert and specialist knowledge enables us to keep up with the ever-changing technological advances in prosthetics provision, ensuring that all aspects of your compensation claim are covered
  • Whatever is being provided by your local limb-fitting centre, we will advise on claims for everyday legs (with appropriate silicone cosmeses), spares, water-activity limbs, sports limbs and specialised limbs
  • We, at Simpson Millar LLP, understand that amputations (especially above-knee) can often lead to additional complications and we will advise you in relation to claims for provision of alternative or adapted housing, suitable vehicle provision, and all other aspects of your claim
  • If necessary, we will advise you on the appointment of an independent case-manager who will ensure that you are able to access all the appropriate services and equipment available to you
  • We will ensure that interim payments are secured quickly so you can focus on your recovery

Why Choose our Amputation Compensation Team?

  • Over 150 years' experience
  • Expert team of professionals you can trust
  • Clear, honest, jargon-free legal advice
  • Specialist knowledge at your fingertips
  • It's all about you and never about us

Amputees we have helped

Motorcycle collision victim suffers above-knee amputation

John was injured in a motorcycle accident. John is not a "young tearaway" but a married, professional man in his thirties. One morning, he was riding along a main road and he could not have predicted that an elderly driver of a motorhome would suddenly and without warning turn right across his path sudden. A collision was inevitable and the injuries were horrific. John suffered an above-knee amputee. Simpson Millar LLP were John’s solicitors of choice. His claim is on-going.

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