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Results day this year is going to be very different from the one you were expecting. You’ll be receiving grades from your teachers based on what you’ve been taught.

Whilst the government and the exam boards have put checks in place to make sure the grading system is fair, you may not agree. Our experienced Education Lawyers can review your situation and understand if there is any potential unfairness in the grades you’ve been given and whether there may be a challenge. They’ll talk you through your next steps and whether you have a chance of a successful appeal of your results.

How Much Will it Cost to Get a Review from our Leading Education Lawyers?

We’ve set out a very simple pricing structure to help you to be clear about your position and whether you should appeal your results.

£300 (VAT included) for 1 A Level Subject Appeal Review

£420 (VAT included) for 2 Appeal Reviews

£540 (VAT included) for 3 or more Appeal Reviews

You can help us to understand your position by outlining the issues with your grades and why you think the grades are unfair and sending that to us in writing prior to having a call with an experienced education lawyer who can give you initial advice on the options available to you and the prospects of success.

If we think you may have a prospect of a successful appeal, we’ll tell you how much it will cost for us to help you.


Timescales are very tight in these cases. In order to help us to help you, families must act quickly. You first need to ask for a centre review. This is where you were registered to take the exam, in most cases, your school or Sixth Form.

Before an appeal can be lodged, the centre review must be carried out.  If you do not ask for the centre review to be carried out, your appeal will be rejected.

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Key Dates – Centre Reviews

If you have missed out on your chosen university because of your grades then you will need to tell your centre that you disagree and wish for them to review the grade(s) awarded.

The deadline for priority appeals is 16 August 2021. 

The deadline is 3 September 2021 for all other cases.

We anticipate that there may be high demand for our team’s advice and we will be advising on priority appeals only until they are all dealt with.

Awarding Body Appeal

If your centre do not reconsider the grades awarded then you can appeal to the awarding body (the exam body).

A priority appeal is one where you have missed out on your chosen university.

The deadline for priority appeals is 23 August 2021.

The deadline is 17 September 2021 for all other cases.

Our specialists will be dealing with priority appeals advice first.

Get Expert Legal Advice

If your university place is waiting on the outcome of an appeal to see if you can get the right grades, getting urgent legal advice can help you to feel that you taking control of the situation.

Our friendly team of Education Lawyers have experience helping young people to appeal their exam results and we could help you too.

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