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Our approachable and experienced Professional Negligence Solicitors can help you make a claim against a professional who let you down.

When you pay for the services of a professional adviser such as a Solicitor, Accountant, Surveyor or Conveyancer, you expect that they’ll do their job properly and reliably. But mistakes happen and can seriously impact your finances and wellbeing.

We offer a Free Claims Assessment to help you understand if you have grounds to claim compensation. If you do, our Professional Negligence Lawyers have the expertise to make your claim successful. We have taken cases to the Court of Appeal and are industry leaders in this area.

Our team will guide you through the claims process and speak to you in plain English throughout. If you’ve suffered from professional negligence, get in touch for free, no-obligation advice on what to do next.

We could deal with your professional negligence claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. 

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What is Professional Negligence?

Professional negligence is a breach of duty between a professional and a client that leads to a loss. Professional negligence claims are civil claims brought against legal and professional advisers. This includes Solicitors, Barristers, Accountants, Architects, Financial Advisers and Surveyors.

Professional advisers must apply 'reasonable skill and care' when advising their clients. This is particularly important when dealing with property purchases, sales and tax matters. It’s also relevant in personal injury or medical negligence claims which may provide compensation for long-term care.

Whatever the situation, receiving poor professional advice or services can hurt your finances, property and physical and mental health.

You may be able to claim compensation for financial losses and wider suffering if it can be proven that a professional’s poor performance was directly to blame.

What are Common Professional Negligence Claims?

Our Professional Negligence Solicitors deal with claims against:

Professional negligence covers a wide range of scenarios in which you may have been given poor or unsuitable advice. For example:

  • Did an Architect provide flawed plans for a residential or commercial build?
  • Did an Accountant give incorrect tax advice or undervalue company assets?
  • Did a Financial Adviser recommend a damaging or unsuitable investment?
  • Did a Surveyor fail to spot a defect when you were buying a house?
  • Did a Solicitor under settle a personal injury claim?

Errors such as missed time limits and mistakes in legal documentation are often the result of a lack of care and attention. In other situations, incompetence may be to blame. For example, if a matter is beyond a professional’s expertise and most peers would provide different advice.

Whatever the situation, our Professional Negligence Solicitors are here to help put things right. 

Here are some examples of professional negligence claims our legal experts deal with on a regular basis:

Can I Get Compensation for Professional Negligence?

Understanding whether you have a valid claim for compensation can be easier if you have an idea of how to prove professional negligence. This usually comes down to three questions:

  • Did the professional owe you a duty of care as their client?

This may be shown by a written agreement or implied by the professional’s role.

  • Did they breach that duty of care through an action or inaction?

No professional can be expected to perform perfectly all the time, so they’re considered against reasonable standards within their area of expertise.

  • Did that breach cause a loss on your behalf?

Known as ‘causation’, showing that a sub-standard service was directly responsible for any losses you suffered is crucial in successfully claiming compensation.

If you’re not sure where you stand, contacting our specialist Professional Negligence Lawyers for free, no-obligation advice will make your options clearer. Even if you’re confident in your case, our experts can make sure you receive the right compensation.  

You could also claim on behalf of a loved one if the person affected is unable to. This could be due to poor health, for example.

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How to Claim for Professional Negligence

Claiming compensation can be complicated as certain standards and legal procedures must be followed. Speaking to our legal experts can give you the confidence of achieving a fair outcome with minimal stress.

  1. Free Claims Assessment

    You can start the process by contacting our team for a Free Claims Assessment. We’ll listen to your situation carefully.

  2. File Review

    If we can take on your case, a Professional Negligence Solicitor will review your professional’s files and papers and advise you of the merits of a claim.

  3. Legal Action

    We’ll look to identify a specific failing from the outset and work out the scale of your loss as early as possible. We can then identify the difficulties you may face and help you to make an informed decision about taking legal action.

Our initial conversation comes with no obligation to continue. If you choose to proceed, we’ll do everything we can to make the process as efficient as possible. We will keep you updated throughout.

Why Choose Simpson Millar’s Professional Negligence Solicitors?

If you've relied on a professional service and received poor advice or sub-standard work, it can seriously affect your life. No matter how you’ve been let down, our legal experts could help you claim compensation. We could handle your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis too.

Here’s why you can trust us with your professional negligence claim:

  • From Accountants to Surveyors and fellow Solicitors, we have a proven track record of successfully handling a wide range of professional negligence cases.
  • Our specialists have the necessary experience and expertise to secure a fair amount of compensation and handle your case as efficiently as possible. Meet our team.
  • We’re known as the “Open Lawyers” because we’re honest with our clients and always speak in plain English. Our team will keep you updated every step of the way. 
  • We’re members of the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association (PNLA). This body was set up specifically to help people settle professional disputes.
  • We’re also regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA), so you can have confidence in our professional standards. View our accreditations
  • Get in touch for a Free Claims Assessment to find out if you could claim compensation. There’s no obligation to continue or to use our services. 

We’ve been providing exceptional legal support for over 170 years. You don't need to take our word for it either. We’re rated ‘Excellent’ by thousands of independent reviews on Trustpilot.

Professional Negligence Case Studies

Read some more about how we've helped out clients get the compensation they deserve after suffering from professional negligence. 

Professional Negligence Frequently Asked Questions

How Common are Professional Negligence Claims?

It’s common to seek professional advice at certain points in life. Most of the time you’ll receive a level of service that meets or even exceeds what’s expected.

But mistakes can and do happen, especially given the complexity of some work that is carried out. Exact figures vary between professions, but the overall number of professional negligence claims being made is increasing.

According to the Professional Negligence Lawyers Association, individuals and businesses are turning to professionals for advice more often in recent years. They also have a greater awareness of their legal rights and how to exercise them, contributing further to the rise in claims.  

How Much Compensation Can I Get for Professional Negligence?

The value of your professional negligence claim will be based on the loss you suffered from the date the negligence happened. The general principle is that you’ll receive an amount of compensation that puts you back in the position you were in before suffering negligence.

That could include direct costs which are easy to calculate, such as paying for somebody to repair an architect’s error. It could also cover a loss of value (for example, property value) or loss of opportunity if a deadline was missed. These types of loss can be more complicated to value.

You may also get less compensation if it’s found that you’re partly to blame for your losses or if another party contributed to them. That includes failing to take action to minimise your losses.     

Whatever your situation, our Professional Negligence Solicitors have the knowledge and attention to detail to calculate and secure a fair amount of compensation. You can get a better idea of how much compensation to expect by speaking to our team.

What Funding is Available for Professional Negligence Claims?

We offer a fixed-fee service to review files and provide an opinion on the merits of your case. We can also represent you if you have Legal Expenses Insurance and your insurance company agrees to our appointment.

We handle some professional negligence claims on a No Win, No Fee basis, also known as a Conditional Fee Agreement. This means you won’t pay anything in legal fees if your claim is unsuccessful. If you succeed, we’ll collect a pre-agreed fee for our legal support from your compensation.

You can learn more about funding your claim when you get in touch for a Free Claims Assessment. We’ll discuss your options in detail and explain what is suitable for your case.   

How Long Does a Professional Negligence Claim Take?

The time your claim will take to settle will depend on various factors such as:

  • The strength of the evidence and how easy it is to collect
  • Whether the professional you’re claiming against accepts or disputes the accusation of negligence

All professional negligence claims are legally required to first go through the Pre-Action Protocol for Professional Negligence. This process encourages both parties to reach an agreement without court proceedings and involves sending a Letter of Claim to the professional.

The professional will have 21 days to acknowledge the letter of claim, then three months to investigate it and give you a Letter of Response. This will let you know whether they admit to your claim or dispute it.

If you can’t come to an agreement, the next step is to issue court proceedings. It then usually takes over one year for a claim to reach trial, although you can continue to negotiate a settlement in the meantime.   

Our Professional Negligence Solicitors have vast experience with the processes involved and will do everything they can to reach an appropriate settlement as quickly as possible. In the unlikely event that your claim does go to court, we’ll be there to prepare and support you every step of the way. 

Is There a Time Limit for Making a Professional Negligence Claim?

The time limit for making a professional negligence claim is usually six years from the date the negligence took place, but this can vary depending on the type of claim.

Your limit might also be extended if the effects of the negligence only become apparent later on. In this case, you’ll have three years from the date that you became aware of the negligence.

Generally, it’s best to contact our Professional Negligence Lawyers as soon as possible, whether you’re close to the time limit or not. This will usually make it easier to gather the kind of accurate evidence needed to make your claim successful. Seeking timely legal advice could also help you recover faster financially and emotionally. 

Who Will Pay my Compensation?

The compensation for a professional negligence claim is usually paid by the professional’s insurance provider. Many professionals are required to have professional indemnity insurance in place, partly to cover potential compensation payments for negligence.   

We can investigate whether your professional has insurance in place at the outset before you decide to take your claim any further.

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