Egress Protect

What is Egress Protect?

We have partnered with Egress to ensure we have market leading email security.

This means we can share your confidential information including large files in a secure and safe way. 

We will of course continue to use standard email for most of our correspondence with you. On occasion though we may need to send you large or highly sensitive documents where it may be appropriate to provide an extra layer of protection.

How does it work?

When receiving an encrypted email, it will appear in your inbox as shown below:

To open the secure email, simply click the button link.

First-time users will be prompted to create an Egress ID. If this is your first time opening an Egress encrypted email, select New User on the sign–in screen.

Fill in the required details to set up your Egress Account. Make sure to use the same email address as the one that received the secure email.

Egress Signup Page

An activation code will be sent to the email address.  Enter the activation code into the web sign-in form when prompted. Your Egress ID will be activated and you can now access your secure email and any attachments that we send to you.