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Our Motorbike Accident Solicitors are experts in this highly specialised area of law. We have passionate motorbike riders in our team, and we work hard to get the best outcomes for injured bikers. For example:

We offer a free consultation and we may be able to deal with your accident claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. If we take your case on, we’ll arrange for a medical expert to assess your injuries, and the impact those injuries are likely to have on your life both now and in the future.

We can get you access to specialist medical treatment and physiotherapy, to get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

We also help the families of those who have died in a motorbike accident. We know how traumatic fatal accidents are and do everything we can to help. This includes providing representation at Inquests and attending criminal proceedings if necessary.

For free legal advice contact our Motorbike Accident Solicitors.

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Making a Motorcycle Accident Claim

Our Solicitors who ride motorbikes know that being involved in a motorcycle accident is always a scary experience. Sadly, it can also cause life changing injuries. Bikers are vulnerable road users, even with the right protective gear.

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident – and you weren’t at fault – contact us to discuss making a motorbike accident claim. By taking legal action, you could get the compensation you need to rebuild your life, and get your bike back on the road.

Maybe a driver failed to check their blind spot or pulled out of a junction without seeing you. Even if may have been partially at fault for the accident, you can still make a claim, provided another driver was partly at fault.

If you were injured while riding as a pillion passenger on a motorbike – then you’re also entitled to claim compensation.

Motorbike Accident Compensation

Our Motorbike Accident Solicitors can help you put your life back on track. It’s not just about getting compensation for your pain and suffering, your loss of earnings and repairs to your bike. It’s also about getting you access to the right medical treatment and rehabilitation, or adapting your home to accommodate your injuries if the accident caused disabilities.

No two motorbike claims are the same. We’ll assess your needs and work hard to ensure they’re met.

We can help you claim compensation for:

  • Personal injuries to you and/or your pillion rider
  • Medical and rehabilitation treatment
  • Pain and suffering caused by the accident
  • Damage to your bike, helmet, gloves, boots and leathers
  • Expenses incurred as a result of the accident, such as medication and taxi fares
  • Care and assistance provided by your relatives
  • Loss of earnings
  • Insurance policy excess

We can also:

  • Arrange an engineer’s inspection of your bike and safety equipment
  • Assist with the repairs to, or replacement of, your motorcycle
  • Arrange physiotherapy and/or other rehabilitation treatments
  • Help with modifications to your home if your injury causes disability
  • Push for you to receive early Interim Payments and rehabilitation if your need is urgent

Specialist Motorcycle Accident Solicitors

Motorcycle accident claims are a specialist area of personal injury law. If you want to make a successful claim, it’s important to have an expert on your side.

As experienced Motorbike Accident Solicitors, we know how important your case is. Your compensation settlement can transform your life, especially if you’ve been left with serious injuries. Unfortunately, this is often true of motorbike accidents, where head injuries, amputations and spinal cord injuries are common.

We’re also mindful of the physical and mental injuries you’ve suffered – and perhaps continue to suffer. If you’re in poor health, the thought of legal action might not be a welcome one. We understand, but please don’t worry. Our Solicitors and Lawyers do all the work for you, leaving you free to focus on your recovery. 

At Simpson Millar, we understand your passion for biking and the fact that your needs may be very different to those of other road users. We’re keen supporters of bikers ourselves in many ways. For instance, our team includes an experienced Moto X, Enduro, track racer and trackday instructor and former police rider. We’re also sponsors of CDH Racing - a family-run racing team, and we’ve watched them progress from Supersport 600 to a full-blown British Superbike team. 

How to Start a Motorbike Accident Claim

We offer a free initial assessment of your motorbike accident. After taking some details from you, we’ll explain whether you can make a claim for compensation. We don’t speak in legal jargon; we just offer straightforward legal advice, completely free of charge.

When you contact us, let us know if you have any evidence that could help support your claim. Helmet cams can provide valuable footage in proving your case. Also ask us if we can deal with your claim on a No Win, No Fee basis. Direct access to a qualified Solicitor and a 0% success fee may be available too if you’re claiming for a particularly serious injury.

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Motorbike Accident Claims FAQ

How long will it take?

We don't know exactly how long your motorbike accident claim will take. Straightforward claims can settle within a matter of months, while those involving complex injuries take longer. It’s important not to settle the claim until the full extent your injuries is known. Otherwise, you might not receive the right amount of compensation.

What is the claims process?

The first step is to gather evidence in support of your claim. This includes witness statements, your medical records, photos of the accident scene and any helmet cam footage that’s available.

Then, we’ll ask you to see a medical expert. This expert will provide a professional opinion on your injuries, saying how they’re likely to impact your life and what treatment/rehabilitation you need.

Once we have a clear understanding of your physical, mental and financial damages, we’ll calculate how much compensation you should receive. We’ll tell the other side that you’re making a claim and ask them to accept our proposed compensation settlement. Sometimes, it takes a bit of negotiating to reach a final figure.

It’s unlikely that your motorbike accident claim will go to Court. If it does, we’ll handle everything for you.

How long do I have to make a claim?

The law in England and Wales states that you have just three years to bring a claim, starting from the date of the motorcycle accident. The sooner you start your claim, the easier it is for us to collect evidence and prove your case.

If a child under the age of 18 is injured, the three year limitation period starts from their 18th birthday.

What funding is available?

No Win, No Fee funding is available for most motorcycle accident claims. This means you don’t pay anything, if your claim isn’t successful. We’ll tell you more about No Win, No Fee agreements when you contact us.

Can I make a claim?

To make a claim, you must have been injured by someone else. We offer free initial assessment of your motorbike claim, so you can find out if you’re entitled to compensation. You don’t have to pay for this legal advice.

Can I make a claim on behalf of someone else?

Sadly, motorbike claims can result in catastrophic injuries, and sometimes even fatalities. If your loved one has died because of their injuries, or has suffered a brain injury, you might be able to make a claim on their behalf

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