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For free legal advice call our Personal Injury Solicitors and we will help you. Most claims are dealt with on a No Win, No Fee basis.

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Our Industrial Disease claims team includes specialist Mesothelioma Compensation Solicitors and almost all claims are dealt with on a No Win, No Fee basis.

When compensation is awarded in mesothelioma claims, our clients receive 100% of the compensation because our success fee is paid by the defendant or its insurers and not by our clients. Contact us for a free consultation with legal advice.

We know from many previous mesothelioma cases that the trauma of a mesothelioma diagnosis is only made worse if you don’t know where or how you were exposed to the asbestos that caused it.

It might have been a long time ago, or the exposures to asbestos were at a low level, so what can you do? This uncertainty means legal advice by an experienced, Mesothelioma Solicitor is vital.

We offer a free consultation and we promise to give you clear and practical legal advice about your rights, and to stay in regular contact so you have updates and support throughout the claims process.

We’re also happy to visit our clients in their own homes (in England or Wales) and will provide high levels of support and wraparound care.

For example, we can help you get any state benefits you may be eligible for, and have helped clients get government support within just 8 weeks of starting their claim.

We’ll work hard to settle a claim as quickly as possible, so you can live the rest of your life, comforted by the knowledge that you and your family can be provided for.

And we’ll make every effort to avoid going to Court, as we know giving evidence in the witness box can cause stress and anxiety.

For free legal advice get in touch with our Personal Injury Solicitors.

Call us on 08002605010 or request a callback and we will help you.

Why Choose Simpson Millar for Your Mesothelioma Claim?

  • We’re experts in finding out when and where people were exposed to asbestos at work that caused the mesothelioma, even if it happened a long time ago and the company you worked for is no longer in business.
  • Our Industrial Disease Solicitors have specialist asbestos disease accreditation from the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL)
  • We’ve recovered millions in compensation for our clients
  • We give clear and practical legal advice about your rights
  • We stay in regular contact, so you get updates and support throughout your claim
  • We tailor our service to reflect your specific needs, which we will set out at the beginning
  • We partner with charities including Macmillan Cancer Support and support Action Mesothelioma Day every year
  • We have an extensive database on previous mesothelioma claims against employers, as well as insurance company information. So even if you were exposed to asbestos a long time ago or if the company responsible isn’t now in business, we could still help you.

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Mesothelioma Compensation - Barry's Story

Mesothelioma Compensation - Ted’s Story

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How to Make a Mesothelioma Claim

  1. Call us for a free consultation and legal advice from a specialist Mesothelioma Solicitor. We can discuss your situation and how we can help you.
  2. If we take on your case, we’ll ask you to prepare a draft CV/employment history from what you can remember, and help you apply for any state benefits you may be entitled to, including Blue Badges.
  3. Our expert Industrial Disease Solicitors will make urgent searches to trace the insurance companies for your past employers. Even if an employer stopped trading many years ago, it’s usually still possible to find their insurance company, so claims can be brought against them.
  4. We’ll gather relevant documents that may help your case, such as old payslips, employment records and hospital and GP medical records.
  5. We’ll arrange for you to have a medical assessment from at least one independent medical expert. They’ll provide a medical report detailing your illness, the likely cause and how it’s impacted on your life.
  6. We’ll send a formal Letter of Claim setting out the details of your case to the company that exposed you or their insurance company. If they agree to settle and further evidence isn’t needed, your claim could be settled within 6 months of us taking it on. A more complex case could take longer to settle, particularly if it needs to go to Court.

What Will It Cost Me to Make a Claim?

We take on mesothelioma claims on a No Win, No Fee basis. Ask us for details.

What Rehabilitation and Support is Available?

We offer wide-ranging support to people making a mesothelioma claim. For example:

  • We work with organisations who provide a wide range of medical treatments which can be funded by making a claim. In some cases this is not available on the NHS due to the cost.
  • We can help you with other elements of your life to ensure you have all the bases covered. We offer free emergency Will writing for our mesothelioma clients from our Wills and Trusts Solicitors.
  • If more evidence is needed, we may place a small witness appeal in the local paper and on our website. We understand you may not want your name and personal information to be made public, so any witness appeal can be made anonymous if that’s what you would prefer.
  • If you need it, we can organise and set up professional counselling services and other therapies and let you know about support groups in your area.
  • Help with applying for the Government Lump Sum payment, as everyone with a mesothelioma diagnosis is entitled to this, and Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit if you’re eligible. Ask us for details on this.

What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is a cancer of the lining of the lungs that’s nearly always caused by asbestos exposure.

It’s particularly common in people who’ve worked in heavy industry such as construction and ship building.

But mesothelioma can also affect family members, as they may come into contact with harmful fibres when the exposed worker comes home. This is known as secondary exposure to asbestos and is becoming a more common cause of mesothelioma.

It can be many years before signs of mesothelioma start to show, usually around 30 to 40 years after their asbestos exposure.

That means we often have to investigate events that happened a very long time ago. This is why it’s so important to get a specialist mesothelioma Solicitor with experience in this area to represent you.

Simpson Millar is a proud sponsor of the Primary Care Respiratory Society (PCRS), providing NHS primary care respiratory practitioners with our expertise and insight on industrial respiratory conditions, so they can help their patients access appropriate information and advice.

Frequently asked questions

Should I call in if my doctor has said that my mesothelioma is not asbestos-related?

Yes. Some doctors don’t realise that you can still have a successful case even if you were exposed to very low levels of asbestos dust.

And some don’t realise that it’s difficult asking you immediately after receiving this dreadful diagnosis, as you will not be able to think properly about your previous work history.

Should I call in if my exposures were a long time ago when the dangers of asbestos were not known?

Yes. In most of our cases, we rely on the 1931 Asbestos Industry Regulations to win our cases.

Do you provide a home visit?

Yes, or if you prefer, you can come to see us at one of our local venues.

Do you prepare draft statements for checking quickly after your first visit?

Yes. This is important as often people are then having their chemotherapy and don’t want to be bothered with witness evidence during this stage. Some people get poorly quite quickly and don’t want to be disturbed with statements and witness evidence.

Do you quickly complete all state benefit applications free of charge?

Yes. We regularly do this and assist with Attendance Allowance and Constant Attendance Allowance applications, plus help with mobility aids and equipment.

Can you help with an emergency Blue Badge?

Yes. The procedure varies for lots of different regions

Can you obtain a medical diagnosis letter from my lung cancer nurse?

Yes. We can do this for you as people are often asked by other firms if they have details of their diagnosis in writing and so they shouldn’t worry about having to get this from their GP.

Can you ensure that my automatic Government Lump Sum Payment is paid within 3/5 weeks of diagnosis?

Yes. This is an automatic payment with a diagnosis of mesothelioma and is our main priority when you call in to speak with us. We will help you to secure this payment as quickly as possible and consider other state benefits that you may be entitled to. Some of our clients don’t have viable civil claims as these are not automatic and so the state benefit claims are hugely important for some clients, as it’s the only compensation they can have for their mesothelioma diagnosis.

Can you help if my spouse/partner is in hospital with fluid on their lungs, yet much too poorly for a diagnostic biopsy and where my doctor thinks that my partner may have mesothelioma?

Yes. This is hugely important as some people are too ill for a biopsy and if a specialist lung nurse or doctor suggests that this could be mesothelioma, then it’s always sensible to speak with one of our specialists to see how they can help. 

The reason for this is that if it’s mesothelioma, then of course there is automatic access to the Government Lump Sum Payment and this is available up to a year after the date of death.

Is it possible to just have the state benefit claim completed and not have a civil claim against past employers investigated?

Yes. Not everyone will have a successful civil claim as there is no automatic entitlement to this and so many people have their state benefits claim completed, free of charge and they may benefit from some other help/signposting from us.

Is the claim against my actual past employer?

The claims are pursued against the past insurance company for your employers and so a lot of the time letters are sent straight to the insurance company. The reason for this is that often past employers have long gone out of business.

Is it possible to have a Veterans Agency Claim completed, free of charge?

Yes. If you served in the Royal Navy, then you should be always be considering a Veterans Agency Claim

Do you undertake all liability investigations, such as obtaining asbestos survey reports for particular premises - or will I be expected to do some of the investigations?

We do all of the necessary investigations including those required for public buildings, such as libraries, schools and hospitals. We are able to obtain Asbestos Surveys through the Freedom of Information Act - free of charge.

Do you provide help with any other legal issues or problems?

Yes, often clients have overlapping legal problems that urgently need sorting.  In our experience, this has ranged from an emergency Will, to sorting out legal ownership of a property where a couple had been separated for a long time.

Can you help if I need support with any other issues that I may not cope with, such as dealing with the admin for immunotherapy treatment?

For our clients undergoing immunotherapy treatment in successful mesothelioma claims, we’ve been able to obtain interim payments of £50,000 - £100,000. We’ve been able to keep back some of this payment in order to deal with the admin and pay for the treatments to avoid you having to deal with the admin and paperwork for this, as the treatments cannot be administered until paid for and so there is an element of urgency. Sometimes, insurance companies will agree to meet the monthly costs of treatment direct.

Can you help if I need any aids or equipment or some extra nursing care?

Yes. In two recent cases, we were able to liaise with the local hospices to find out about additional private care, as in their successful civil claims, the money for such care was successfully recovered.

Are you likely to have acted for other people exposed at the same place as me and can you search your database to find out?

In many cases, we’ve acted for people who have had exposure at the same place and this has prevented lots of stress and worry.

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