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Information Technology - Simpson Millar LLP

Despite the traditional nature of legal and financial services, we recognise the importance of the internet and technology (IT) in today's society and the vital role that it can play in helping us to deliver the best possible service to you, our clients.

For that reason, we invest heavily in IT and look to properly exploit its many advantages and opportunities in our day to day work. A lot of IT development takes place in house and as such you can find details below regarding our current projects.

Businesses looking for help or advice in the successful development and implementation of IT based systems can contact our IT manager on 0345 357 9000 or email Jonathan Lynch.

Our expertise

The Simpson Millar LLP IT Team has considerable experience in the development of IT systems which contributes greatly to the smooth, efficient and cost effectiveness of our legal practice.

We have particular expertise in the field of:

  • Microsoft Office products (Excel, Outlook, Word) and the integration of those applications with the LawSoft product by Pilgrim
  • case management development including the development of intelligent documents and workflows - all areas which in the past have proven considerable obstacles to the successful introduction of case management solutions within law firms

Our case management system - "SIMPIL"

We developed the "SIMPIL" case management system. For enquiries on utilising this product in your organisation please see below or contact: Jonathan Lynch.

SiMPIL is a case management system developed in house by our own staff. We originally developed SiMPIL to help us with the progress of personal injury cases - hence the name ("Simpson Millar Personal Injury Litigation"). However, we soon realised the value of the system in all areas of our practice and we consequently adapted it to work in any area of our business.

SiMPIL fully integrates with the LawSoft practice management product supplied by Pilgrim Systems. We developed the application on the Microsoft .NET platform and contains facilities for:

  • Workflow
  • Time recording
  • Document production
  • Document management
  • Diary management facilities

SiMPIL dovetails seamlessly with the LawSoft product, sharing information relating to stored documents and time recording, but provides a level of functionality over and above that provided by the LawSoft product and which allows staff to carry out complex tasks rapidly either as individual tasks or as a collection of tasks organised into a workflow.

The system supports document production with the use of Intellicoms which also forms part of SiMPIL and which allows us to embed intelligence within documents allowing them to effectively customise or “write themselves” according to the information either stored within the database or provided by the user at the time of document production.

SiMPIL also offers compatibility with Oyez Forms and allows use of Intellicoms in conjunction with those forms to create intelligent forms. By using Intellicoms and the document production within SiMPIL, we can produce documents quickly, easily, with minimum or no typing skills and with high levels of standardisation to ensure quality and consistency.

The SiMPIL diary allows for prioritisation of tasks as well as facilitating team working. The SiMPIL diary interface has similar features and the ease of use associated with Outlook. We can link diary tasks to processes contained within workflow to make it easy to complete the work associated with the diary task.

Our document scanning system

With the electronic revolution underway, our IT Team developed "SIMPIL Document Scanning" a solution that automatically checks scanned documents for case references and, if it finds one, automatically saves the document to the SiMPIL/Pilgrim Lawsoft system. Testing of this system is in progress, and we hope it will pave the way for providing our clients with full on-line access to their documents 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


"Alexis" is our in house enquiry management system. Designed to help us to deliver a high level of service to potential clients that have not yet made the decision to instruct us or where uncertainties lie as to whether we can help them. It provides all the document production and diary management functionality of SiMPIL as well as providing useful guidance for our staff on the information required to properly identify whether we can help a potential client and, if so, on what basis.

"Alexis" can support a limitless array of enquiry types and currently handles:

  • Accidents at work
  • Asbestos related claims
  • Clinical/Medical negligence enquiries
  • Conveyancing
  • General enquiries
  • Legal helpline enquiries
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Wills


Faced with the challenge of delivering a very high volume of standard wills to members of the Communication Workers' Union, our in house IT Team developed a Wills creation application to dovetail with the "Alexis" application described above.

The system allows us to input and store the information necessary for the creation of the will in a database and uses intelligent documents to produce the standard will. Using this approach, we can reduce the costs and time taken to produce a standard will to the lowest possible level to enable us to deliver very large volumes of standard wills at very competitive prices.


To help us to better manage our Human Resources during our current period of steady growth, we have developed an in house HR management system "People".

"People" allows us to store all necessary HR information on every member of staff electronically along with a complete electronic document file. It also provides facilities to help us to better manage the training objectives of individuals and to ensure that those training objectives get set in such a way as to properly contribute to the overall training objectives of the business as a whole.

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