Aid Convoy 2014

Simpson Millar LLP - CWUHA Convoy to Bulgaria

Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA)

The CWUHA 2014 convoy took place on 5 September. The convoy is the response to the plight of vulnerable children in other countries and the UK from trade unionists, families and friends, who work in Britain’s postal and telecom industries.

Simpson Millar LLP actively supports the CWUHA charity and regularly participates in convoys all over the world delivering aid directly to the children that need it most.

This year the team joining the CWUHA was Rebecca Shenton from our family law department and a Victoria Pope from Fairpoint.

Rebecca commented: "The convoy sets off from Hull on the 5th September and I will be driving through central and eastern Europe to Bulgaria, it is my responsibility to fill the van I will be driving. There are 6 vans in the convoy this year. We have finally had our list through from the hospital in Bulgaria to which our van will be delivering aid. It is in a place called Vidin which is just over the border as you come from Romania. The hospital helps babies and children who are unwell. They have specialist wards and have previously been helped by the convoy some years ago. However they still require basic assistance in order to have hot water on some of the wards and air conditioning units on the wards for babies and children with infectious diseases."

Aid Convoy for Children In Bulgaria 2014

It was in 2009, when we lasted visited some of the areas we will be visiting in 2014 - you can read a copy of the 2009 report here.

Rebecca continued: "My convoy colleagues and I have taken on various targets and I am concentrating on raising money to buy 14 water heaters and two air con units. In order to buy these items I estimate I need to raise £1300, we are also trying to get contacts for actual donations of these items or trade links for discounted items, so if anyone has somebody they know or a company they have used that supplies something similar please feel free to pass on their details."

Ways you can help make a difference

Monetary Donations

If you would like to contribute any amount, no matter how big or small, to this worthy cause please visit our JustGiving page:

Donating Items

We are accepting donations of:

  • nappies
  • towels (new)
  • games (all ages)
  • loom band bracelets!

Are your Kids Loom Band Crazy?

loom bands

In light of the current loom band craze we decided it would be nice to be able to give loom bands bracelets to the children both in the places we visit and the Roma children who live locally some of which don’t have a stable home. So if you have children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren making them this holiday time we would gladly accept any donations. If you want to donate let me know. If you want to try and make some there are plenty of ‘how to’ guides online.

Where do I send donations?

To send in donations please email: Rebecca Shenton who will advise you of the nearest office to drop in or send your donations too.

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