Your parents’ Wills – is it time to talk?


A survey of over 2,500 people has found that more than a third have no idea if their parents have made a Will and, if they have, how they wish their estate to be distributed. Nearly a quarter of those surveyed said that they are relying on an inheritance of some kind, but have yet to speak to their parents about the subject of their Wills.

After all, it’s a difficult subject to bring up, and probably not one for the Sunday lunch table. It's advisable to try and speak with your parents about where they keep their financial documents at the very least – a quarter of those surveyed don’t know where their parents’ Wills are kept or any other important documents that may be needed.

Yes, it’s an awkward topic to bring up, and many put the conversation off by hoping that a search of their parents’ house would discover all the documents required after a loved one has passed away.

But ideally you should make the time to talk with your parents – perhaps not out of the blue but by requesting a time to sit down with each other to discuss this delicate topic.

But the fact remains that you will be the one trying to deal with the legal jigsaw when your parents pass away, and it’s in everyone’s best interests for you to be fully informed as much as you can be, at least as to where the vital paperwork is kept in the event of a parent’s death.

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