World Cerebral Palsy Day 2015


Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a condition that occurs before, during or shortly after birth that is caused by damage to the brain affecting muscles, co-ordination and movement.  CP affects around 1 in 400 children born in the UK.

World Cerebral Palsy Day 2015

Today, October 7, is World Cerebral Palsy Day, a global movement hoping to instigate change in 6 key areas to improve the lives of those with CP, they include:

  1. Public Awareness
  2. Quality of Life
  3. Civil Rights
  4. Education
  5. Medical/therapeutic
  6. Making a Contribution

Our expert solicitors help individuals with CP and their families in securing financial compensation if their injury has been caused by medical mistakes. The money  is used to put in place a care package so they can live their lives to the full. Families can have peace of mind that their loved one will be looked after for life.

It is extremely important that you get expert advice on all the possibilities when making a claim, such as securing a personal trust, getting access to the best education and care packages, and future financial investments.

Medical Mistakes

Most cases of CP are caused by brain damage due to problems that developed before a baby is born, however, it's estimated that 10% of cases are caused by brain damage during or shortly after birth. This can be when the baby is deprived of oxygen, has neonatal jaundice, develops meningitis, suffers a head injury or has low blood sugar levels. In some of these cases, their injuries could have been caused by the medical professionals failing to properly treat or prevent an injury.

Quality of Life

CP can't be cured, but a variety of treatments and therapies are available that can provide some relief and improve quality of life. Getting the best access to services and the right care at home can make all the difference. This can range from access to equipment that can help with mobility such as wheelchairs, walkers or special crutches, to being able to use a computer eye scanner or sensory rooms.

If your child was injured due to a medical mistake, the compensation package you receive can help make sure your child gets everything they need to have a better quality of life. Our Independent Financial Advisers can then help you protect this compensation so that your child will be secure in having the access to the services they need.

Access to Education

The World CP Day website explains why support in education is so vital. Without access to education, they say; "a future of living separate from society becomes cemented at an early age." But they also explain that "access without expertise can actually increase the chance of social stigma without increasing the opportunity to learn."

Our Education and Community Care team have helped many children and young adults with CP get the education they need to thrive, and understand the necessity of being able to access support from specialists. For many, this isn't always easy or straightforward, which is why we are here to help with attaining Special Educational Needs (SEN) Support or an Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP).

Legal Advice from Simpson Millar LLP

If your child has CP, our solicitors at Simpson Millar can provide you with the advice you need to find out if this was the fault of a medical professional. With legal help, you may be able to make sure your child has everything they need for the best quality of life in the future.

We offer a full service so that we can help you from start to finish in making a claim, securing a compensation package and protecting this, and for getting the very best support in education.

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