Work Injury Resulted in an Amputated Arm


A man from Durham was carrying out an inspection at an industrial estate, when a serious accident occurred. Sadly, his arm was so badly injured that it had to be amputated.

Emergency Stop button Accident at work

After gaining access to the conveyor area to carry out an inspection, he slipped and fell forward. The man was caught between dangerous machinery resulting in a badly injured right arm.

His arm was so badly injured that he had to have it amputated at the shoulder.

He also required surgery to fuse his spine together after sustaining spinal injuries. In addition to these horrific injuries, all the ribs on his right side were fractured along with a broken left wrist, friction burns to his stomach and brutal cuts to his face.

Work Injury Has A Long Lasting Effect

The worker had to spend more than three weeks in intensive care, with just over three months in hospital.

These horrendous work injuries have left this man unable to work and burdened with persistent mobility issues.

In an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), safety precautions such as safety gates to the plant and locks to restrict access had been in place but disabled.

The HSE investigation also uncovered that inadequate information was given to employees, no suitable risk assessments were conducted and there was a poor safe system of work at the firm.

The industrial estate was fined £8,000 and made to pay nearly £19,000 in costs after admitting liability for the act.

According to HSE statistics for 2011/2012, the most frequent causes of work place injury are from manual handling and slips, trips and falls from a height. 173 workers were also killed at work during this period.

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