With package holidays popular again, it's important to know your rights if injured abroad


TUI have recently explained that their increase in profits by over 20% is partly because the package holiday is "back in vogue". Package holidays are an effective way to get a bit of sun, sea and sand, without an unlimited budget and lots of hidden costs before you're even there. However, sometimes the holiday you're sold doesn't always live up to the glossy brochure. Whether it's luke warm food, a hazard filled hotel or waking up to a building site, it's important to know what your rights are. Would you know where you stand?

Dynamic Package Holidays

How many holidays are package holidays?

A large portion of the holiday industry is made up of package holidays. There is a rise in the amount of luxury packaged '5 star' holidays too.

Holiday Company TUI (owners of Thomson and First Choice) reported a 4% increase in its luxury package holidays, which may be because the economy is recovering, but people still want a decent holiday on a budget. Simply put, it's not hard to find a package holiday.

You're shopping for a holiday on the internet, and you see a website offering you the ability to mix and match different flights, airport transfers, and hotels to make a customised package. What are your rights?

This one may surprise you. People who purchase a package holiday are protected by a special piece of law, which makes UK tour operators responsible for a holiday abroad as long as it's a package holiday.

Here lies the problem – This isn't strictly a 'package holiday', it's actually called a 'dynamic package holiday'. With these you have to pursue a claim with the provider of the specific product, the airline for example. You also don't have the automatic right to make a claim in this country. We have specific advice on dynamic package holidays.

You're at the pool and the floor is soaking wet, causing you to fall and injure yourself. What should you do?

Let's rewind and say what you can do BEFORE this happens. If you're travelling in Europe, make sure you have your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This will cover emergency healthcare whilst you're in the EEA. If you're outside of Europe, you should certainly consider travel insurance.

If you've been injured at the resort, you're best reporting the incident immediately. Tell the holiday rep and/or the hotel management so that the accident can be reported. Take pictures of where you slipped/tripped and of what caused it.

If somebody else saw the accident, ask if they can be a witness and take their phone number or any other contact details. Chances are they will as it won't be much effort for them.

If you need medical attention, don't forget to keep all the records and receipts, since these will be important for any future care and support as well as your compensation claim.

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