Will the snow melt into record compensation claims for slips, trips and falls?


Britain is in the grip of its coldest winter for 30 years and the falling snow and freezing temperatures are already causing chaos. The big chill is set to last for at least another fortnight bringing blizzards, black ice and snow drifts – and more than a flurry of personal injury compensation claims from people who have slipped in places that should be maintained by their local council.

It's predicted that councils in the places worst hit by the bad weather could face unprecedented compensation claims from people who have slipped on icy roads or frozen pavements. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to injury, but hospitals across the UK have been inundated with people of all ages who have suffered personal injury after falling on ice or slipping in snow, often in areas that have been left ungritted.

Councils and local authorities are duty bound to 'maintain safe areas', so people who slip or fall on ungritted icy roads and pavements may have a good chance of claiming compensation for personal injury.

However, if you do want to claim compensation for a slip or fall in the icy conditions you will need to do so through a specialist personal injury solicitor who will decide if you do have grounds to claim compensation for personal injury. Depending on where your slip or fall happened and how seriously the injury affected your health or lifestyle, you may be able to claim substantial compensation.

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