Why Are We More Susceptible To Illness On Holiday?


Have you ever fallen ill on holiday and thought, why me? In some cases, you may be predisposed to holiday illnesses, making your trip a 'ticking time bomb', but there's one thing you can’t escape – bad food hygiene.

Why Are We More Susceptible To Illness On Holiday?

There are things you can do to cut down your risk of holiday illness, whether you're already inclined to fall ill, or something more sinister is going on at your hotel resort.

The Adrenaline Theory

One theory that scientists have come up with is that stress hormones, like adrenaline, ward off infection, but when you go on holiday you're more relaxed making you more vulnerable to illness. In addition to the drop in stress hormones, when you go on holiday you're exposed to many different types of bacteria and viruses which can throw your system into havoc.

There are things you can do to avoid your immune system working against you when you should be relaxing on the beach, and if it's the fault of the hotel, we can help you to receive compensation for their wrong doing.

The Buffet

Most of the holiday illnesses we see stem from potential food poisonings. The gut holds most of our immune system, and when we go on holiday we change the food we eat causing disruption to our digestive systems.

Those who shy away from trying the street foods often go for an all-inclusive package assuming that it will be safer and more hygienic. But, according to an article by the Mirror newspaper, those staying at all-inclusive resorts where food and drink are included are twice as likely to fall ill compared to those who opt for the room only.

Buffets are usually the common way of feeding crowds on package holidays but they could be teaming with bacteria, quickly attracting stomach bugs. Often, the food on a buffet is left standing for hours open to the elements and any bugs that may want to stop by for a bite.

It's always important to inspect the food on the buffet before tucking in to make sure it is cooked all the way through, has not been standing for a long time and has not had any animals or bugs flying around it.

If you do fall ill on holiday, it's important to see a doctor whilst you're there. If it is a stomach bug, they'll be able to take samples to determine what the cause may be. Any medical attention you receive whilst on holiday should be documented and brought home with you so when you do come to us for advice, we can back your claim with evidence.

Keep All Records

If your illness persists until you come home, then visit your own GP for a follow up appointment and to receive further medical care. Any medicines that you've had to pay for or time off work can be reimbursed through your compensation settlement. The Travel Law Team at Simpson Millar LLP have an excellent database of resources that can help you research your hotel resort and if they have a history of outbreaks.

This way, you can stay as safe as possible on your holiday and avoid any unwanted illnesses.

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