Which Holidays are Dodgy Deals?


Consumer group 'Which?' are investigating "shoddy practices" in order to stop "dodgy deals" in the travel industry. This is at a time where it is thought that over half of British hotel guests fail to complain about cleanliness issues, being labelled 'reluctant grumblers'.

Holiday Hotel Complaints

Alarming Figures

The consumer group decided to investigate after it was discovered that 15% of Brits, equivalent to 6 million people, who have been on holiday in the last two years had problems with their resorts. They state, "If you are a guest in a hotel, then your room should be spotless and maintained to a high standard. If not, what can seem like a trivial issue at first can lead to more severe problems such as an injury or illness."

You might think this is asking too much, especially if you've managed to get a discount package holiday. However, this is the least you can expect. Even if you don't keep your own home completely spotless, it is called the hospitality industry for a reason. Cleanliness and tidiness are important in preventing holiday accidents and injuries when travellers are in a new environment, with perhaps thousands of people moving through hotels each day.

What Can Be Done?

Which? will be contacting travel firms and telling them to put things right at the resorts they send people to. If they fail to do so, they will report their findings to the appropriate authorities, 'naming and shaming' them.

Nick Harris, Head of International Holiday Travel Law at Simpson Millar LLP, commented that "While guests aren't at fault for the poor standards at a hotel, they should take it on themselves to complain. By taking action against bad practices, a hotels standards will be forced to change for the better, and those who are affected by such practices will also benefit."

"What concerns us about Which?'s research is that only half of the people surveyed said they knew what their rights were if something went wrong, such as a holiday accident or illness. If this is true, we would encourage people to speak to us to find out where they stand, for free, to see if they have a case."

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