Where Does Your Favourite Destination Fit In?


The Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) has used their best insider knowledge to come up with the destinations to watch in 2014. However, we have also been watching and noticed that many of these destinations are already on our accident and illness hit lists.

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Brazil – Home to the World Cup 2014

Although it's not already on our list, Brazil came out as one of the best destinations to visit. With the this year’s World Cup, the party capital of South America, Rio de Janerio is set to be awash with tourists arriving for football, food and fun times.

The roads in Brazil are notoriously dangerous, due to their poor condition and driving standards. If you’re thinking of booking an excursion to explore the wonders of Brazil, you may want to consider how to book. If you book the outing as part of your holiday package, you'll be protected if you suffer an injury and your tour operator will be responsible for your safety and wellbeing. If you book it with a rep when you arrive, you may still be covered by your tour operator. If you book independently of your tour operator, you’re unlikely to be covered by UK regulations. To find out if your covered or not, look at our article on holiday excursions.

The Caribbean – Not Just Sandy Beaches

The Caribbean – sun, sea, sand and food poisoning. We have seen a steady flow of claims from people who have suffered from E.Coli, salmonella, campylobacter and shigella – all debilitating illnesses that can easily ruin a holiday. We have a list of resorts in Jamaica to stay clear of if you want the dream break without the diarrhoea.

Other popular destinations in the Caribbean include the Dominican Republic - a hot spot on our list and on ABTA's but for very different reasons.

Get Him to the Greek… Hospital

Greece makes a good showing on the ABTA list with an 11% increase in the number of UK visitors in 2013. One interesting fact that may be of use to you if you do decide to getaway to Greece is how to contact their emergency services. There number is 112, similar to our non-emergency 111 number so you won't forget it. Also, call 999 from a UK mobile within the country, you will automatically be put through to Greek emergency services. Hopefully, you'll never have to take advantage of this service but you can never too sure in a country where food poisoning is a constant problem. We recommend that you travel with a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), that will entitle you to state treatment however, good travel insurance cannot be substituted.

Montezuma's Revenge Still Reigns

Both Thomson and First Choice have announced new routes in Mexico opening a new and exciting venture for travellers who want to explore South America. Although 'Montezuma's Revenge' came about in the 50's, it still exists today with sightseers being stricken by E.Coli from contact with infected animals, contaminated soil, 'off milk' and undercooked meat.

One of Mexico's main attractions is the impressive array of local excursions available. With street festivals, Mayan pyramids and shimmering coastlines it will be hard for you to stay cooped up in the hotel the whole time.

Packages in Portugal

Typically, Portugal is a ‘go to’ package holiday destination. We see many accident types coming from that part of the world. People are injured falling off coaches, slipping on spills in hotels and trips over items left out of place. Coach transfers are also a hazard in some parts of Portugal but if you booked your holiday as a package, you should be covered as far as accidents are concerned.

Food lovers are also in for a treat when they visit with local delicacies such as fresh grilled fish, custard tarts and marinated meats. However, watch out for those meats as marinade can sometimes mask undercooked meats leading to a nasty bout of food poisoning.

As beautiful as these places are they all have hidden dangers behind their attractive veneers. Accidents or illnesses can strike at any time and you should try to be prepared. In the unfortunate event that you do suffer from an accident or illness, you should be aware of your rights and how holiday compensation can try to put right what went wrong on your holiday.

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