When Families are so Helpful They Hide the True Extent of a Brain Injury


When people suffer complications following a brain injury, they are usually dependent on their friends and family for help. Although this support is incredibly valuable, it can also hide the impact of the accident because it’s not clear what people’s limitations actually are.

We can better assess the damages needed for your recovery when we have the full story behind your brain injury

Jonathan Grundy is a Solicitor that specialises in Serious Personal Injury. For Brain Injury Awareness Month he is helping to raise awareness by explaining his client's story as she discovered the true extent of her brain injury.

Jonathan Explains his Client's Story

My client suffered injuries after she was involved in a lorry accident; fortunately she had a strong support network of friends and family who helped her a great deal during her recovery. Whilst she seemed to recovering very well, I had a niggling feeling that something wasn't right.

I decided to contact a specialist rehab team to have her checked over again and my suspicions were right; it turned out that she had actually sustained a severe brain injury. This had caused her to lose peripheral sight in one eye of about a meter. This causes problems with balance and judging distances, all of which had not been realised because she was getting so much support from her family.

We asked her family to stop helping her, at which point the impact of the accident finally came to the surface. She began bumping into things and began to struggle to visit anywhere beyond her home, the shops and the gym, because her sight and functioning were so severely affected.

Helping Out in the Right Way

Now we knew what her actual limitations were, we could begin to get her started with rehab and the training she needed to help her recover in the right way. We advised her family and friends on how they could still provide support, but in a way that didn't interfere with her recovery.

My client's case shows just how important a helpful family is, but that we also need to know exactly what limitations a person has in order to help them recover and to get the right amount of damages needed to aid their recovery.

Legal Help Following a Brain Injury

Our Serious Injury Solicitors at Simpson Millar are proud to be helping raise awareness for Brain Injury Awareness Month this March. We support many people who have suffered a brain injury following accidents and are familiar with how important it is for other people to be aware of the difficulties those living with brain injuries face.

Acquired brain injuries are in many ways a hidden disability, but sufferers often need a great deal of rehabilitation and support to recover as best as possible. As Jonathan's client's case shows, seeking legal help is about getting access to this.

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury and you would like advice, you can call our team on 0808 129 3320.

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