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December 10 marked the release of a new title in the series of 'Books Beyond Words'. Books Beyond Words are an organisation who create empowering books, using only pictures.

The reason for this is in the name. Pictures go beyond words, and sometimes life experiences can go beyond words. The pictures connect together to tackle difficult subjects that can sometimes be hard to convey, which is why a book on children witnessing domestic violence has been produced.

Beyond Words – Domestic Abuse Books

Can A Picture Say A Thousand Words?

The picture book has been produced by the charity EDV Global Foundation, whose name comes from their goal, to eliminate domestic violence. The book is co-written by Baroness Scotland and Deborah Jamieson, the CEO of EDV.

The aim of the book is to inform non-readers and people with learning disabilities about the risks involved, how to spot abuse, and how to access help. While this may be the case, it can also benefit those who can read, for example, younger children or anyone struggling to understand the emotions of those witnessing, experiencing, and perpetrating domestic violence.

"A picture book like this can serve several purposes", comments Emma Pearmaine, Head of Family Law at Simpson Millar LLP. "Firstly, domestic violence is hard to speak about, and the majority of existing information on it is written. Picture books therefore provide a new platform to communicate and understand, particularly if for example a young child is still learning to read."

Emma Pearmaine is a Trustee of the Corporate Alliance Against Domestic Violence (CAADV), a sister charity of EDV, and both organisations share the same patron, Baroness Scotland. Simpson Millar work closely with both charities.

Firms like ours are in a position in which they can make a real difference for victims of domestic violence. Whether that is through employer and employee relations, or offering legal aid for family legal services to victims of domestic violence.

"Domestic violence is an emotionally difficult issue, and sometimes these emotions are hard to express with words", Emma concludes.

The book is available at the Books Beyond Words website along with the rest of the series, which includes another title "Finding a Safe Place from Abuse".

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