When Can I Make A Claim For A Tattoo Injury?


With summer coming up, more and more people will be looking to get tattoos to show off in the sunshine. When tattoos go wrong, putting them on display is the last thing you want to do. But, what can you claim for if your tattoo isn't quite what you expect?

When Can I Make A Claim For A Tattoo Injury?

Misspelled Tattoos

I went to the tattoo shop to get a new design. I designed the tattoo myself and 2 weeks prior to my appointment, I showed it the tattoo artist. He said everything looked fine and it should make a really good tattoo. On the day of my appointment, he transferred it onto my skin and everything seemed ok. 2 hours later when the tattoo was completed I looked in the mirror and he had spelled some of the wording incorrectly, can I make a claim?

According to the British Association of Dermatologists, around a third of people with tattoos regret them. This has led to an increase in tattoo removals. If you're just unhappy with the way the design came out, or something was spelled incorrectly, you are not entitled to claim personal injury compensation.

Misshaped Tattoos

I went to get my first tattoo and requested a small rose on my ankle. It was my first, so I went for something small. I picked a design off the wall and the tattoo artist informed me that this was one of the shop's most popular designs and she had a lot of experience doing this particular rose. When she had finished and cleaned my tattoo, it looked nothing like the rose on the wall. Now I want to claim compensation because I didn't like the end result.

The excitement of getting a tattoo can be overwhelming for some. This can often lead to you taking your eye off the ball and by the time the tattoo is finished, it's not quite what you expected. We've all seen those horrendous stories where someone goes into a tattoo parlour to get a cute bunny but it ends up looking nothing like it.

Unfortunately, in instances like this, it's not easy to make a claim for compensation. You may be able to get your money back or an offer for laser tattoo removal from the tattoo parlour that botched the job but a claim for compensation in this instance is unlikely to be successful.

Infected Tattoos

I went to a tattoo parlour for a new tattoo. I had found the place through Google and it had some good reviews so I decided to phone and book an appointment. As requested, I emailed them my design and they said I was fine to come in later on that week to start the design. When I got there, the equipment was already set up and the artist assured me that everything was brand new and sterile. The next day, my tattoo started to swell and produce puss. I went to my GP and they told me it was infected due to the use of dirty tattooing equipment. Can I make a claim against the tattoo parlour?

This is the type of claim a personal injury solicitor could help you with. If you can prove that the deterioration of your tattoo was not down to lack of care on your part whilst it was healing or that you suffered from a pre-existing skin condition that you failed to tell your tattoo artist about, you may have a claim.

Tattoo claims can be hard to establish so contacting us with the details of your experience will help you to determine how successful your claim may be.

Our solicitors at Simpson Millar LLP can offer you a free initial assessment and advice on your case to give you a clear answer about whether you should pursue your tattoo parlour for compensation.

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