What is the Personal Injury Accreditation Scheme?


Personal Injury AccreditationThe Personal Injury Accreditation Scheme provides recognition to the work of personal injury solicitors on behalf of the victims of negligence and breach of legal duty. It is a 'mark of quality' given to us by the Law Society of England and Wales, cementing our position as specialists in personal injury claims.

How is Accreditation Given?

Solicitors must apply to the scheme, providing evidence of expertise through examples of their cases and the firm's resources.

What Does the Accreditation Scheme Mean for Those Looking for a Lawyer?

The Law Society believes that the scheme helps people find legal advice 'quickly and confidently', in that it allows those with a particular problem to find a lawyer who is known to have a certain level of expertise on that area.

Accredited lawyers will be able to tell you, with confidence:

  • If you have a case
  • How to make a claim
  • How much you might get
  • How much, if anything, it will cost you

Continued professional development is a requirement of the scheme so solicitors who apply must keep up to date with changes in the area to ensure they offer the best service possible to their client’s at all times. You can rest easy knowing that someone else has assessed the experience of the solicitors you have entrusted with your instructions and they have proven their expertise.

Our Other Personal Injury Accreditations

As well as our law society accreditation, we are also recognised by Headway, the brain injury association. Through our work with them, we are able to begin to appreciate the situation those who have suffered a brain injury are in, and be sensitive to their needs. This includes arranging rehabilitation and securing interim payments.

Interim payments are a way of securing funds to clear debts, fund rehabilitation and maintain the household, where responsibility has been admitted by the other side, but the claim is still ongoing.

We are also members of the Spinal Injuries Association panel. The Spinal Injuries Association is a 'user-led' charity, run by those with spinal injuries, for those with spinal injuries. We deeply value their accreditation and as members of their panel, we offer a free initial interview at our office, at the hospital, or at your home, if you're considering a spinal injury claim.

We also work with an independent case manager to make sure you have access to the services, housing and equipment that addresses your needs.

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