What do I do when I get home from holiday after an injury at the resort?


If you've recently got back to the UK after being injured in a holiday resort, you probably have a lot of questions. First and foremost, you would want to know where you stand. This guide should hopefully provide a clear picture of what you can do after an accident abroad.

Holiday Hotel Accident

Simply put, the law states that if you've been injured on a package holiday at the resort itself, the tour operator is legally responsible. By selling you the package holiday, they have a responsibility to keep you safe.

Where were you injured?

A surprising amount of people have an accident on holiday in the resort they're staying at. If you've been injured in the resort itself, for example at or on:

  • the stairs
  • the bedroom
  • the bar
  • the toilets
  • the shower or bath
  • the pool

These are many of the common places that people we've spoken to have been injured.

What can I do if my injury ruined my holiday?

As well as receiving compensation for the injury itself, you may be able to make a claim for 'loss of enjoyment'. This is where the holiday you bought has been affected by your injuries, and therefore you're entitled to a portion of, or all the money back that you paid for it.

What can I do if I'm still having problems with my injury?

If you seek medical and legal advice, you will be able to make arrangements for rehabilitation if appropriate. A specialist personal injury solicitor should have good connections to medical experts, who can make arrangements for rehabilitation.

If you have to take time off work, a solicitor will also be able to help you claim for the money you've lost because of your injuries, keeping you out of financial difficulty. Debt is too common a problem for victims of personal injury.

So what do I do now I'm back in the UK?

We have advice for you now you're back home, so that you're able to put things right:

  • Report your accident to the hotel manager – go into detail
  • Report the accident to your tour operator too – ask for a written accident report
  • Do not accept any financial offers of compensation until you have sought legal advice
  • Take pictures of your injuries as they heal
  • Talk to people you went on holiday with or met there to see if they can be a witness to the accident, your injuries, or the hazard
  • Seek medical attention – get a diagnosis as early as possible
  • Speak to a solicitor to get legal advice – legally speaking, injuries that happen abroad are very different to injuries that happen in the UK, so it's important to speak to a specialist

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