What are the Laws about Mobility Scooters?


If you use a mobility scooter to get out and about it’s essential that you know whether or not to register with the DVLA.

Manual wheelchairs and powered wheelchairs or scooters intended only for use on the pavement aren’t required to be registered.

But if you have a 'mechanically propelled invalid carriage' – or mobility scooter as we all call them! – then yes, you do need to be registered for road use as well as licensed in the 'disabled' taxation class and you should display a nil duty tax disc.

What you don’t need to display are registration plates and you’ll also be exempt from paying the first registration fee.

To register and license your mobility scooter you’ll need to get the correct form from the DVLA – if your scooter is used you’ll need form V55/5 or, for new vehicles, form V55/4. Also get the information leaflet V100 from a post office that issues tax discs. And you’ll need to confirm your vehicle’s age and supply documents confirming the keeper’s name and address.

To insure or not to insure? Well, it’s not legally required but we’d certainly advise you to have insurance and there are some great, affordable schemes out there. They cover not just the value of your mobility vehicle but also your own personal safety and that of others

Find out much more at the DfT website or at www.direct.gov.uk/motoring

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