Welsh NHS in line for £1m a year from new Asbestos law


The National Assembly for Wales have just passed a new bill which will place an obligation on both employers and their insurers who exposed their employees to asbestos. The bill requires them to reimburse the NHS for the cost of treatment for asbestos related illnesses.

Asbestos Mesothelioma

It is thought that the new law, which was welcomed by Lesley Griffiths of the Wrexham Assembly could amount to £1 million a year for the Welsh NHS. She commented, "The cost of treating asbestos related diseases places significant financial strain on the Welsh NHS so this bill is a major step forward and will offer greater support to the victims and their families."

The most deadly asbestos related illness is Mesothelioma, and it is thought hundreds of Welsh workers could suffer from that or related diseases for years to come. With a new law put in place it is hoped awareness and understanding of the dangers of asbestos will increase.

There is still a chance that those suffering from the terrible related diseases can improve their quality of life as medical costs are recovered, feeding more money back into healthcare.

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