Welsh Lung Cancer Sufferer Praises NHS Treatment


The Law Of... receiving the best treatment for lung cancer

A Welsh lung cancer patient has praised the NHS, explaining that he has received the very best treatment from the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff.

Welsh Lung Cancer Sufferer Praises NHS Treatment

Phillip Gower – Partner in Industrial Disease and Head of Simpson Millar's Cardiff office – praises the attitude of this lung cancer patient and explains how a lot of his clients are also treated at the same excellent NHS centres, for which a fund raising campaign has gained significant funding.

Lung Cancer Risks

The BBC reported that the patient in question was diagnosed with adenocarcinoma – a malignant tumour – of the lung, which spread to the brain to cause metastasis; the means the cancer is classed as Stage 4.

With the latest statistics highlighting that there are 2,383 new cases of lung cancer in Wales every year – which is around 5% of all lung cancer diagnoses in the UK – Welsh residents should be aware of the risks they face from the condition.

For many of Simpson Millar's clients that we help who have sadly been diagnosed with lung cancer, their condition was directly linked to asbestos exposure – tragically, there are many lung cancer sufferers who developed their illness due to their exposure to harmful conditions when they were just teenagers.

Of course, the recognised causes of lung cancer – namely smoking and working with hazardous material without proper safety equipment (for example, asbestos) – should be noted and residents across the UK should take steps to avoid these dangerous activities.

The risk of contracting lung cancer is hugely magnified when people both smoke and are also exposed to asbestos. It is the combined effect of these two carcinogens mixing together that put people at a much higher risk of going on to develop lung cancer.

It is for this reason that many people can still claim compensation for their lung cancer, even if they smoke; however a lot of smokers who were exposed to asbestos do not come forward, as they wrongly think that their lung cancer is due to their smoking alone.

Receiving Treatment

In the case of the Welsh lung cancer patient, he was treated in one of Wales' many excellent NHS cancer centres.

The crowdfunding campaign set up by the patient, who appears to be keeping a positive outlook on life, despite his diagnosis, is looking to raise funds for the Ward 10 of Withybush Hospital, which is the hospital's dedicated cancer ward.

The patient underwent a number of sessions and multiple surgeries at the Velindre Cancer Centre in Cardiff, which Phillip explains is one of the best centres in Wales:

"I am glad that the NHS centres in Wales are receiving praise, as they do such a good job of helping lung cancer patients process their diagnosis and access the best possible treatment."

"Many of the lung cancer patients that I help seek compensation after their diagnosis, who often develop the condition due to earlier exposure to asbestos and other harmful materials, receive treatment at these same NHS centres."

"I also pleased to see that the petition by the Welsh lung cancer patient has gained so much traction so quickly, as these funds will be going to a great cause that helps so many cancer patients through a distressing ordeal."

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