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Employment Law Review is your convenient digest of Employment Law in England and Wales and how its provisions affect working people.

The next few months are likely to be turbulent, as long-expected Government proposals for fundamental changes to the rights of employees become what for many will be a harsh reality.

In this issue you'll find a useful summary of the changes to Employment Claims Law, together with helpful articles on court costs and funding, how settlements will now be negotiated in unfair dismissal claims and the changes in rules relating to employment tribunal fees and procedures.

We've also covered the adjustments to collective redundancy rules and the impending 'employee shareholder' status, with a run-through of the rights which will be denied workers who agree this route with their employers.

We conclude with some bite-sized information on family friendly rights and ministers' recent revisions to fit-note guidelines. Finally there's a helpful list of key Simpson Millar Employment Department contacts – if you've any questions about Employment Law and how it might affect you, we'll be delighted to help.

Read the Spring edition of Employment Law Review here.

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