We Answer Your Immigration Questions


Our immigration solicitors at Simpson Millar LLP receive many enquiries every month from clients whose situations have reached boiling point and they urgently need legal advice. With this in mind, our experts are going to be answering some frequently asked questions to give broad advice to put you on the right track.

We answer your immigration questions

For individual circumstances, we would recommend that you contact us directly to get the right advice.

Can people with indefinite leave to remain bring their family to the UK from other countries?

In 2012, the government overhauled the immigration system, making it more difficult for people to bring their family members to the UK, despite being a permanent resident themselves. You now need to show that you meet a certain set of criteria to be eligible to bring your family into the UK. Things such as sustainability and eligibility in terms of accommodation and finances are now more relevant than ever. Specific evidence is needed and producing the wrong documents or having an incomplete application can harm your chances.

For more information on bringing people from another country to the UK, please contact our immigration solicitors. In some instances, the situation is often more complex than expected and specialist immigration advice is needed.

As a sportsperson, I travel to different countries for events – can you help me with my sports visa?

This year is going to be packed with sporting excellence, and getting into a country where you'll be performing is all part of the magic. A Sports Visitor Visa is for nationals of countries who are outside of the EEA and Switzerland.

If you want to visit the UK, you will need to be doing one of the below activities.

  • Competing in a specific event
  • Joining an amateur team
  • Promoting something
  • Negotiating a contract
  • Taking part in a trial
  • Participating in a short period of training,/li>

You can discuss some further eligibility criteria and restrictions with one of our solicitors when you phone us for more information. It is important to get the right legal advice, if you don't, you could risk being refused entry and missing your sporting event.

For things such as the World Cup and other major sporting events, you'll need a visa. We can help you to get the right visa, on time, you can enjoy the game.

I was working for a British company for 2 years abroad, can I still apply for naturalisation in the UK?

If you have been working for a British company and you want to apply for naturalisation, your application may be approved. Naturalisation is not a right and can be very difficult to apply for due to the numerous criteria attached to it. There are joint legal and residential requirements for naturalisation that you'll need to satisfy in order for your application to be successful. It is usually at the residence requirement stage that applications fail, leaving you out of pocket and without naturalisation.

Due to the complicated process involved with naturalisation requirements we'd always advise people to contact a solicitor. The law in the area of immigration changes rapidly, so what might be the law today, may not be the law tomorrow when you make your application.

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