Watch Out for B&B's (Booze and Balconies)


Dozens of British holidaymakers each year are severely injured, or even killed after falling from a balcony, often in their hotel room. Balconies can obviously offer stunning views, a place to smoke, or for the louder types, a place to shout to one another. That said though, all it takes is one too many drinks or a loose handrail for your holiday dreams, and you, to come tumbling down.

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Tragic Accidents

Earlier this year, Sam Hill, 22, had been on a night out in Magaluf with a friend. Sam had got split up from his friend and went back to the apartment. When his friend returned, he found him lying on the ground outside the hotel. Sam had fallen to his death from his hotel room balcony whilst he was intoxicated. Sam also had a thinner skull than is usual, and this may have been a contributing factor to his death from the fall.

Many people enjoy a few drinks whilst they're on holiday, and that's perfectly fine. But people need to be aware of the risks a hotel balcony poses when they don't quite have their wits about them. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office and ABTA have produced a leaflet on 'Booze and Balconies', warning about the risks of 'inappropriate behaviour' on balconies after a few drinks. The leaflet demonstrates that this kind of behaviour could be as innocent as someone throwing a lighter to you whilst you're on the balcony and you attempting to catch it.

Don't Lean Too Much!

There are also times when a balcony can present a risk to holidaymakers who are stone cold sober. One of the important things to remember when you're abroad is that health and safety regulations, and their enforcement, will not be the same as they are here in the UK.

Taking a look at consumer review website TripAdvisor, we found several photographs taken by holidaymakers showing the state of the balcony that accompanied their room. Rails that were starting to become detached from the walls were one example of a serious risk to holidaymakers.

It's situations like this that make you appreciate our alleged overbearing 'health and safety culture'. If you or a loved one has been left seriously injured as a result of falling off a balcony, you may be entitled to make a claim against the UK based tour operator who sent you to that hotel, providing that the balcony was not safe to use.

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