Warning to Landlords after London Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Case


A London landlord, has recently been fined a total of £5,500 after being found guilty of 2 breaches of the Gas and Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998, namely for failing to ensure that the gas fittings and flues in his rented accommodation were maintained in a safe condition and checked every 12 months.

A full investigation was commenced by the Health and Safety Executive after 2 of the landlord's tenants, residing in a block of flats in London, were found to be suffering from severe carbon monoxide poisoning.

The incident occurred on the 11 January 2007, when an ambulance was called out to the block of flats with reports that a resident was suffering from a suspected heart attack. A further ambulance was called out later that night when residents were unable to wake another tenant.

Hospital tests later revealed that all residents and guests of the property had high levels of carbon monoxide in their blood. The paramedics who attended the scene were also found to have suffered side affects caused by their exposure to the toxic gas.

When HSE inspectors and investigators from British Gas attended the premises after the incident, they discovered that the boiler in one flat was emitting high levels of carbon monoxide and warning notices were places on a number of gas appliances.

It was found that over the 12 months prior to the incident, the landlord had failed to carry out the required safety checks on 3 separate boilers and flues in the flats that he rented out.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious issue which affects many people every year.

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