Use of Deception in Immigration Applications


The Home Office have suspended English language tests run by Educational Testing Service (ETS), a Home Office approved English language test provider.

Immigration Services

At present English language tests are needed for many Visa Immigration categories including applications for partners, sponsored workers, high net-worth individuals, students, indefinite leave to remain and naturalisation, to become a British Citizen.

ETS have been exposed in an undercover BBC Panorama documentary, shown on 10th February 2014 as undertaking “systematic immigration fraud”.

The documentary focused on student visa applications where students were allowed not to sit their own exams but to be replaced by ‘fake sitters’ competent in English who sat the English language tests for them.

Further fraud exposed in the documentary is the use of false documents including forged or stolen bank statements provided to applicants by unscrupulous “Immigration Advisors”.

In some shocking moves caught on film to encourage students to hoodwink the Home Office, the “Immigration Advisors” open themselves up to prosecution.

By encouraging their immigration clients to use false documents, the Advisors are exposing their clients to a refusal for use of deception under the general grounds of refusal of the Immigration Rules.

Applicants using false documents such as the false test certificates or bank statements used in the documentary or other types of false documents are employing deception. The use of deception in immigration applications leads to a mandatory refusal of an application and can lead to a ban on re-entry to the UK for a period of 10 years.

The documentary serves to remind the importance of taking reliable, professional advice. Unfortunately, with yet another scam being exposed by immigration fraudsters assisting migrants to circumvent immigration control, this is likely to mean that the Government will once again tighten the rules for genuine students. Even if the individuals involved in current scams do not pay the price, future generations of migrants to the UK probably will.

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